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I had an accident last year and your company keeps phoning me up to ask if I was hurt in the accident in the hope of work. When I tell your AXA caller that I was not in the car they rudely hang up. Your company is very unprofessional as this is c.30th such phone call. Please contact me by email to sort this out

Complaint by
Mr Darby
October 27, 2011 @ 6:01 pm

my family and i are stil waiting a response and payment for a holiday we booked at thomsons bulwell nottingham, which to our regret we had to cancel due to my dad falling ill and being diogosied with cancer, so he and my mum myself and two children were not able to travel therefore could not take our holiday, i have made numerous calls to axa they never contact me or text or email say they have asked for information by letter yet recievied none they have had all correspondents and medical everything . when i last called said it was 2 seperate claims never knew this could not find my dads booking strange incompetent rude uncommunxative company still waiting now i will take it to finincal osbudsman as i cant wait or call anymore its too stressful.

Complaint by
mandy marlow
September 18, 2013 @ 11:58 am

i will never take out axa insurance again ever and i think thomsons should do more research into this company as on booking i was told they were good and i have booked rhe last 4 years with them but not again, just the thought of what they have put us through and stil had no payment is a disgrace considering we are already having a bad time,

Complaint by
mandy marlow
September 18, 2013 @ 12:07 pm

Never take insurance from axa! They are thieves! I claimed on my travel insurance for lost luggage while travelling to Paris . With my husband and my 8 month old baby . It wAs to celebrate our 6 anniversary.
Lost my suit case my babys things as well as mine. They denied the claim after asking me for every evidence which I provided . Police report as well as pictures! They after taking 4 weeks denied the claim because I didn’t report it in 24 hrs times slot!
I however reported in 29 hrs…
They said why didn’t I go the same day! U morons I had to cater to my baby first not find a police station! as soon as I could find a police station I reported the incident the next day . First the lady said she understands the situation and will look at my case pragmatically . Then she asked me receipt for all the items claimed I provided them after receiving the proof she refused the claim on the basis that I didn’t report it in 24 hrs. My god! But that was known rite from the beginning then why drag it to this level!
they denied it after getting every single piece of evidence .. After asking everything on the basis that I didn’t report it In 24 hrs time slot! Holy Jesus ! I reported it In 29 hrs instead. The small print clearly states in 24 hrs or as soon as possible after that! But she didn’t listen and also suggested I should hav left my baby n gone to police station first thing!!! What the bloody hell for ! ? To satisfy your bloody small print !I’m appalled and disgusted with their suggestions! They didn’t considered the police report which was made the very next day rather they are now counting hours! Shows they can do anything not to pay up! I am definitely taking them to FOS…
To top it all the lady louise lucas didn’t even bother returning my calls or replying my emails. Disgusting service!
As I suffered a terrible loss already axa added so much more stress and pain to that grief I feel like crying didnt know that we are not safe even after being Insured. Paying premium each month to these theives! Shit company shit service!

Complaint by
June 2, 2014 @ 6:47 pm

Had an accident car went into back of my motorcycle, this happened 18th of June I am STILL WAITING for my bike to be repaired, axa farm job out to 3rd party and they farmed out to another place I have had to deal with 4 different companies all increasingly incompetent I have been told various dates for my bike and repairs, 25th aug, 11th August was told at one point it was a write off, changed tune when I told them I had photographs of the damage, once I EVENTUALLY get my bike back I am NEVER EVER using this insurance company again, rotten and slow and stupid

Complaint by
Mr Brown
August 7, 2015 @ 9:44 pm


Complaint by
fatima el marzouki
October 1, 2015 @ 1:14 pm

I had in November 13, my car hit by a van in a retail car park. I wasn’t in my car at the time, but it was witnessed by an off duty policeman who took all the details of the van. Amazing couldn’t get a better witness, my car was in a retail car park 9pm so night time and artificial lighting. The policeman Thought the van was white turned out to be silver, but in that light looked white he got all the other details right make, model, registration and time. Axa had my car repaired but have not recovered my other losses it may not seem like much money to them but I was to me. I won’t be using them again and have taken my business elsewhere

Complaint by
Elizabeth mackay
March 27, 2016 @ 8:26 am

Never take insurance from Axa again. they are a bunch of crooks. We have comprehensive cover on our car, and our car was broken into into January. we have a mercedes, they brought us an Aygo Tempe courtesy car. A kick in the teeth. We complained and they brought us a ford Fiesta. still not good enough. They are now trying to shirk out of paying for the damage?? even though the garage confirms there is damage to our tyre which is included in the claim but for which they are refusing to repair. We pay over £800 a year to cover for the vehicle. There is damage to seats as well and theft of personal items and damage to my rear bumper which they are refusing. Our courtesy car was taken away mid-Feb and we have been without a car since to date whilst their so-called investigators were dilly-dallying with a so-called report. What the fcuk am i paying fully comp insurance for??

Complaint by
K. Kessie
April 20, 2016 @ 1:42 pm

Repairs have been done to my car without you proving liability !
This should have been done before the repairman carried out !!
Get this fixed today and waive my excess payment or I will instruct a solicitor tomorrow to raise an action against you!!
The garage will not release my car until the excess of £ paid.
Alvin Gutowski……
Extremely Pissed Off !!!!

Complaint by
Alvin Gutowski
August 24, 2017 @ 2:07 pm

Extremely POOR service that we have received to date regarding our home insurance claim claim.
Middle of August we first notified the insurance company of our problem of escaped water from our utility room which has effected the majority of the ground floor of our property. We have been advised to fix the tab which we did straight away.
Two and a half months later after a number of surveyors, assessors and contractors visiting our property absolutely NOTHING has been done. We were promised back in the summer season that a contractor would come in and install heaters to dry the property, this did not happen and now we are in the winter season and still no sign of any movement, this is completely unacceptable.

Complaint by
November 8, 2017 @ 11:22 am

Reported claim on March 8 after another driver drove into the side of my car. I had just got out of the car but heard and saw the accident. After months of phone calls I’m currently on hold again ( 45 mins so far ) because Axa are not doing anything about the accident. Shit company, shit staff and will never use again.

Complaint by
Justin evans
May 22, 2018 @ 10:14 am

The car accident was 13th of August 2018. The one who caused the accident is a customer from AXA car insurance and told his insurance that it was her fault. The accident was like a Domino game. She drove into my car and pushed it into the car in front of me and this car into the car in front again. I was told then that my car is a total loss and I go £495 offered, because my car was to old and the repair costs are to high. Now I lost my car, which was perfect for me and I will not find another one for the amount of money they offered me. In the end I just agreed to the cheque and since then I have not heard anything. I have not received any payment at all. This is not the way to treat people. I was working at a insurance company myself and it is terrible to see that this happens all the time

Complaint by
August 30, 2018 @ 1:37 pm

I had a car accident, which was 100% fault of the one who hit behind my car. He drove into my car and pushed it through another parked minibus.

I have been customer of AXA for many years.

AXA could not decide whether my car is a total loss or not. They first decided to sell to get and pay me to a scrap car payment. But they could not get enough offer from the auction.
It took almost 2 weeks to take final decision to repair. After the confirmation of repair, still I wait to get parts to be replaced (one month). Service had informed me that after getting all the parts it would take 2-3 weeks to complete and deliver the car.

Is it a standard practice for an insurance company to normalize the life its customer in 2 months?

On the other hand;
I have been a customer for many years. So far I have never caused an accident and caused my insurance company a loss. I had the highest level no damage reduction because of the low accident cause risk.
I can easily say that if I had invested those insurance fees to another investment I could have more money and I could have solved this problem myself with this amount of money with a very fast way.

Then, I was victims with both manners; time and money. So far, only once I needed insurance in my life, and I could not be satisfied.

Complaint by
Alparslan Vehbi Dereli
September 24, 2018 @ 8:03 pm

Date: 7 Dec 2018

I sent the letter to AXA recently and yet it happened again, on the 20th Nov I called AXA to chase up on this job as I got enough of dealing with Action Property Service, AXA said they will get back to me, but they didn’t, so I called Action Property Service and they said 100% an engineer will be with me on the 21th Dec 2018, guess what they did not turn up again on the 21th.
So another arrangement was made on the 7th Dec 2018. Finally, he came, but as he could not remove the base of the boiler and he decided not to carry on and told Action Property that he could not repair it, he went out of my flat and made a call to Action Property Service, and they told him not to carry on if he could not remove the base of the boiler.
While the engineer was here AXA called me and said they had decided not to provide the cover and this boiler was 3 years old, had its service done 18 months ago by home serve.
The engineer left with the parts not secure and causing a lot of heavy leaking which was not there in the first place.
This whole issue caused me a total of 5 days waiting at home and they missed their appointments, unable to go to work, having cold water since his first diagnosed, he came to switch off some parts and I could not use any hot water or heater at all and it’s the same after he left today without doing much as he could not remove the base cover for the boiler to carry on the repair.
When they first came, they checked and said it can be repaired easily and got the spare parts today, just because he could not remove the bottom of the heater, he decided not to carry on replacing the parts that needed to be replaced but since I made complained about them for playing up 5 times, the decision of not carry on with the repair and left it worse than it was.
Now I was told you guys are giving up on this and leaving me without any hot water for the past 2 months and beyond and told me that it’s my own responsibility.
I do not accept such a behavior. I demand a resolution to this issue of mocking about with me as a client.
Awaiting for your swift and efficient respond without pushing or playing any games.

26 Nov 2018

This is for boiler insurance.

Around 1 month ago (OCTOBER 2018), I log in for a service on my boiler as pressure kept dropping. Axa arranged for a company called Action Property Service to come for a check-up. Once the engineer came, he said they will be back for a repair and turned off some switch on the boiler which do not have any hot water or heater since then (That was around 1 month ago).
Few days after he left, Action Property service called and booked a date on the 12th of Nov. from 8-1pm , I waited and waited, until about 11am, they called me saying, the engineer is unable to turn up as he could not get the spare part on the day, therefore re-booked on the 15th of Nov, they said 100%, engineer will turn up. On the 15th Nov, I waited and waited till 12:15 pm, I called them asking if the engineer will turn up, a lady laughed at me saying it’s not even 1 pm yet, what’s the rush., that was extremely rude. After 1 pm, I called again, as the engineer did not turn, then she said engineer could not arrive, yet again can’t get the spare part, so rebooked again on the 19th Nov. Guess what, ? On the 19th, I waited and waited and by 12pm, I suspected it’s a dejavu again, again, the lady said it’s not 1pm yet, she said she will call me back within minutes to confirm but she did not, then I called at 1pm, confirming that the engineer did not turn up. I have spoken to another guy, the same thing, he said engineer did not go and pick up the spare parts or can’t get the spare part. He said he will call me back again, but yet he did not, so I called again, now they change the whole situation saying they do not have any idea of when this will be resolved.

This is such an unprofessional company. For 3 times in a row, they said the engineer will be with me, they even wanted to book me the next days after all 3 occasions as they said 100% the engineer could get the spare parts, now they said they got no idea.
days in a row, I could not go to work, causing loss of income and time, who will compensate me for the unprofessionalism by this cowboy company. Why did they make the appointment again and again if they don’t know if the engineer will be able to turn up.
Since the first day their engineer came, I totally do not have any hot water or heater as he switched something off. For them, it’s nothing, they did not care if the winter is already in the season.

I called AXA twice for this case, AXA said they called the service company and that’s all they could do about it So far, I heard nothing from AXA of when this will be sorted out. DO YOU KNOW HOW COLD IT CAN BE NOW IN THE WINTER ? IT’S-A HEALTH HAZZARD.
I’m expecting for my boiler to be re-fixed ASAP if you are able to change to a company that is reliable and not cost-cutting by not using this company or any cowboys would only be beneficial.
I’m expecting a compensation for my loss of 3 days of unable to get to work, and expecting the next appointment again for them to turn up (OR maybe don’t turn up again and again)

Complaint by
December 7, 2018 @ 1:42 pm

Car crash in November 2018- nothing done until 9th July 2019.
They are not to be trusted use subject access request to find all information.
Do not allow them to record complaints- you never see the written text although they use your name. Even when you ask to see what has been written they never respond.

Complaint by
Mr lou
July 15, 2019 @ 10:15 am

So far spent 3 hours on the phone trying to get hold of AXA no replies,their idea of customer service would make Basil Fawlty blush

Complaint by
Neil Bruce
October 7, 2019 @ 5:03 pm

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