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The wife & me came to do our weekly shop at your Ipswich branch this morning . We decided to get some petrol on the way in only to find your petrol has become one of tyhe most expensive locally . Then we tried to find a parking space . Over half the car park has been fenced of and we had to park a long way from the entrance . A problem as we are both elderly . We get instore & find the fresh fish dept. has been moved & is so small its not worth bothering with .After shopping we decided to stop for a snack & drink – big mistake . The cafe is in the process of being ” updated ” . There were no coffee machines & a lot of seats had been removed . We were told the store is being updated & should be done by October but several staff told us the work is already running behind time & will be lucky to be finished by Christmas .I would have complained to the manager but I know he does not like people complaing & just brushes them of . My wife & me will be using one of the other supermarkets close by for the forseable future .

Complaint by
Michael Cathles
July 9, 2019 @ 12:18 pm

my son went shopping at your Worthing store 4/11/19 and bought some ordinary 550grm butter which in store had a ticket in front of it for £2.50. when he arrived home he found that £3.50 was on his bill.
he phoned the store and was told it was £3.50, so he looked on line and saw it was priced at £2.50 for this particular one. he phoned the store back and was told first of all that you have different prices for items in your online shop then he was told that the online had not yet been updated this was at 4 pm that day. he is not happy as the store put the wrong price up and then tried to make out that it was no good looking at prices online as they would be different from a store.
how can anyone no what your prices are for certain items if looking on line and then want to buy instore.
not very good practice for a large store . can you explain why your prices differ so much by a £1 for 1 item mrs v walker Worthing 01903 533608

Complaint by
mrs vanda walker
November 5, 2019 @ 12:45 pm

dear s/m ibrought a joint of pork for our Christmas dinner when I came to slice it up there was hardly any meatit was all fat I had managed to get a small amount of meat from it the rest had to go into the bin it says above your meat section that all meat is prepared by master butchers I certainly like to meet the one who cut this joint of pork up im disgusted with it to me he is no master butcher he shouldn’t be working on that counter I don’t think I will buy meat from morrisons again I hope to hear from you soon please reply to my email address thank you (peter)

Complaint by
peter devenport
December 26, 2019 @ 11:54 am

Your chunky steak pies were the very best. Without any obvious reason you must have changed the recipe. Now, instead of rating them 10 out of 10, they have dropped to, at most, 6 out of 10. If a things good don’t fix. Please change back to original recipe or no pies for me from you ever egain.

Complaint by
K Watson
March 2, 2020 @ 12:17 pm

Hi there

Today,24 May 2020, I opened a tin of Morrisons chip shop mushy peas. The lid of this tin was rusty inside! The BBE date is 02/2023, the batch number? is FD1 MP23 LE038. I think I may have some more tins the same, I need to check.

Please will you advise.

Susan Baxendale

Complaint by
susan baxendale
May 24, 2020 @ 3:46 pm

Thursdae,30 July 2020, we brought mornflakes price waz £3:00
I pick mornflakes up or brought mornflakes.

I like price being low price.

Complaint by
Catherine timperley
July 30, 2020 @ 1:59 pm

Last Monday I had the worst shopping experience ever at Morrisons Rubery … I hadn’t done a click&collect there before, but was tempted as both their Douwe Egberts coffee & Stevia sweetener was cheaper there than Sainburys, plus their click &collect was free. So, I drove in expecting to see some directions or a van telling me where to park but, after driving round the car park in a circle, there’s nothing, zilch. So, after parking near the store entrance, I go to the customer service desk – on the way having a minor altercation with a woman in the queue who I politely remind should have her mask over her nose or it’s useless, who ignores me & then gives me lip on her way out – ask & the guy behind the desk reminds me I have to find their email, put my car number in to say I’m there & they’ll come & find me. So I go back to my car, get my phone & do what’s been asked to say I’m there, and stand by my car, but nothing, nobody, so after 15-20 mins I go back to the customer desk, and the guy says they can’t find me. So I go back to my car & stand by it for another 15-20 mins with the boot open but, again, nothing, nobody. I go back inside the store for the third time, the guy at the desk says they still can’t find me, and points to the plastic crates by the desk where they’ve left my shopping. I try to find a trolley to take my shopping to the car, there’s none inside the store, I go outside & walk round – in the process noticing a small unmanned area marked for click&collect which you wouldn’t notice unless you were standing on top of it – and discover that you can’t get a trolley without a coin to unlock it, which of course I didn’t have! Then I go back to the desk, cold & tired, find I have substitutes for the Stevia sweetener I didn’t want & hand them back, but can’t hand back the carrier bags I didn’t want cos I have my own bags, and manage just to carry out four bags of shopping on my own – no help at all being offered – I’m 72 and not as fit as I was. Okay, then I drive home and discover that (1) I haven’t saved anything by shopping at Morrisons as (a) I’ve been charged 45p for the unwanted plastic carrier bags, (b) they’ve substituted their Lactofree milk I wanted with the identical Arla cartons which are 50pm more expensive & which they are charging me the extra for 3 cartons which is another £1.50 in total (Sainbury’s don’t charge you the extra if their substitute is more expensive) , and (c) I didn’t get their cheaper Stevia sweetener anyway, so all in all I’m 45p worse off, given the £1.50 I gained from the cheaper coffer, and (2) the Eccles cakes I bought have a use-by date of 2nd April and are decidely dry & grotty and 3 months older compared to the Sainsbury’s ones I got the week before which have a use-by date of 2nd July! So Morrisons was a more expensive unhelpful nasty con, just horrible!

Complaint by
P Cooper
March 12, 2021 @ 11:30 pm

I’m not usually one to complain but I feel on this occasion I am justified. My wife and I have been isolated since March 2020 and we have to rely on people like yourselves to shop. We have shopped with Morrisons for many years, and in the main found you very good and reliable. Thursday when we took delivery we found a couple of the items unsuitable. The Magnum choc ices were completely melted and the lettuce was in terrible condition so much so I wouldn’t have fed it to my rabbit- totally inedible.

It was’nt the drivers fault and told me the refridgeration was faulty and she was well stressed out. Come on Morrisons get your act together because I am losing money I cannot afford.

Complaint by
James Leonard Field
April 17, 2021 @ 8:28 am

I placed an order to be delivered to my Son Mr Jonathan Stewart, yesterday.Order number 1975783443330 due to be del;ivered yesterday between 17.00 and 18,00.I receieved and urgent email around 5oclock to say it would be delayed and hour due to driver issues,I forwarded this on to me Son.Then at 18,05 i got a phone call from the delivery driver saying he had got a delivery for me Mrs Linda Stewart.I explained it was for my Son and gave him his name.He then said he was outside 46,Eversfield Place and could I ring my Son to tell him that he was there???? He had not got FLAT 3 in the delivery address details.I telephoned Bradford in the afternoon to tell them that I had recived confirmation of order and that FLAT 3 was not in the address details in the confirmation.I said this was vitally important as there were four flats in the premises.I was assured by the operative Debbie that FLAT 3 was in the details of the address!!!! This caused unnecessary stress to me and my Son and was totally avoidable!! Also 2 Pizzas that i had ordered for him were Not available when they delivered the order.Surely an alternative pizza could have been sent??? This is not a very efficient service from Morrisons staff somewhere along the line and it is Not acceptable.Attention to detail is very important and mistakes like this should not occur.

Complaint by
Linda Stewart
September 2, 2021 @ 4:06 pm

My complaint,is one that has been made previously without response.This morning,Fri22nd Oct,I visited Morrisons store at Kirkstall Leeds.Wonderful new bright fast/fresh food outlets now available too suit most tastes,except mine.Previous to your refurbishment of your Kirkstall Store,occasionally,I would elect to purchase a Gluten Free ready made pizza.This was very hit and miss.I was probably successful on 2/10 occasions.Usually I was met with the reply”Sorry,no Gluten Free basis available”!Now I go only to be told “we dont do them anymore”!This is the second time in 4 weeks I have been told this.My condition,unlike many who have chosen to do this,is for medical reasons,it is not by choice I am a Coeliac sufferer.No wheat!Your signs,free from kitchens,food preparation areas etc said exactly the same thing previously,yet,I was able to purchase(occasionally)Gluten Free Pizzas.To say I am disappointed would be an understatement.I have been a loyal customer for many years.Customer No:98261358020530707 3 2.Can someone please give me a reason why this decision has been implemented,if its right,if not,when will it be reinstated.Very disappointed.

Complaint by
John Joseph Nelson
October 22, 2021 @ 2:27 pm

I have just come back from the Morrisons store in Palmers Green feeling very upset. During this time, especially with the new Covid variant emerging I was very surprised at Morrisons. The past two times I have been in there is a cleaning station for the trolleys and baskets there has been no towels to clean the baskets or trolleys. Most other supermarkets have these. I asked the security men if I could put my shopping in my own bag and then pay for it. He said No, thats what shoplifters do. Each time I went to speak one particular security man said in a very loud voice,’Thank you madam have a nice day’, he was almost shouting and not letting me talk. I then saw the Manager who told me that it is no longer Government policy to supply cleaning for trolleys. The manager clearly didnt want to talk to me and was walking away whilst I was trying to talk. He didnt even lopk at me. I said, I’m sorry but I feel I must put in a complaint. He just walked away and said ‘You do that’. I am not one for complaining but feel that Morrisons certainly aren’t putting their customers first.

Complaint by
Sandra Leung
December 2, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

ipswitch branch was there to day we done our shopping and went to your cafe there , im disabled and went and sat down my partner and her gran daughter orderd cheese burger chips with drink £5 on the poster gran daughter orderd 2 toast and jam , partner had a small fish and chips.
when it arieved gran daughter had 2 plate with toast on it and 1 jam partner fish and chips ,but nothing for me (no cheese burger ? ) ask where it was was told not orderd , mine was the first orderd ( the guy had trouble under standing english ? said will pay now he took £5 from us then walk awy , then came back and said it was £5.99 and wanted more money ? i told him to look at the poster with the berger on , which he done with another guy and removed it , while at our table i waiting for mine , everyone had eaten there’s im still sitting there , i obseved two ladys side down and receved there meals then another 2 sat down
and i was still waiting time now was 1/2 hour past so i said ill ask for a refund , not happy with the service,
a lady at the till started to do refund and the guy brought the burger to the till , i said sorry not waitnig this long , hes attatude was it not mac donalds here. i replied i dont try and screw more money out of people and dont take 1/2 to do a burger , i was refunded, and on way ask the security gard at the front of building to keep vidio of them removing the poster , ( trying to cover there steps no dout ? )
the cafe was dirty i hered a guy in a suit come down and say to 1 of the staf about the smears on the partison he told him to clean the . shouldent be like this , not a very nice exsperiance there .

Complaint by
ian mackay
March 14, 2022 @ 9:01 pm

I have always shopped at morrisons in Hartlepool I bought some buns today as they were the only ones that felt fresh opened them at home and filled with ham only to find they were full and I mean full of salt this wasted good quality ham and salad T he bakery department is absolutely awful now and i will be wanting a refund and the rest of the bakery products need checking for freshness too as most of the products have been frozen before hand and resold.I have been a baker for 40yrs and am disgusted with what they are selling in store.

Complaint by
lynne baldwin
October 7, 2022 @ 3:25 pm

well one morning i went into wood green store to do some shopping and i looked around in the store and we got all the shopping we needed and we went to check out and we was about to pay for the shopping and next minute my friend forgot her card so we asked them if we can keep it there but one said yes the person who served us said yeah but then the person came along this women who works in morrisons she took the bag and emptied it to the trolleys and then her attitude stinks and her body language sucks aswell

her name is charlie from wood green store she rude as hell

Complaint by
December 25, 2022 @ 2:11 pm

I am trying to get into my account, it keeps putting me out, I’ve been back shopping at Morrisons after some time, been collecting for 28000 points, now it’s not activating, can someone look into this for me please

Complaint by
Janet Hancock
July 25, 2023 @ 3:14 pm

dear morrisons i would like to complain about your more card it is very annoying to use as offers are given after your big shop and only last a short time so have expiered before getting to use. and had a letter explianing i was close to getting a five pound vouture and given 1000 points only to find out later that this was an example only and tricked me into spending on stuff to make up to £10 .iam very dissapinted and as a result are now shopping elsewhere in protest of your sneaky tricks. also to use any voutures it takes crazy long time to use as all have to be prosessed by member of staff and offtern there is no body about do do this? and furter to this i rang number for complaints and waited over half an hour to be told that i had got through to deliverys then after explaining the issues im facing line went quiet an person was gone??????

Complaint by
Richard knight
July 27, 2023 @ 2:59 pm

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