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I have the McDonald’s app and see nothing about the $.63 offer for the Egg McMuffin. In fact, every deal that is appearing on my cell phone (app) says ‘offer expired’! What is the purpose of my having this app? It makes no sense at all?

Complaint by
Vern Conaway
November 18, 2021 @ 12:23 pm

I have a complaint. I went to the drive through on Easter Sunday April 9,2023 t 9:36am. I was sitting in the drive through for about 5 min. Asking for napkins. I wasn’t going home. And regardless of where I was headed. I was asking “WHAT DO YOU WANT”. what do you need? And I kept saying I need napkins please. The reply was “WE DO NOT HAVE NAPKINS HERE”. so I went inside the store on Gallatin rd. (2806 Gallatin rd #3402 Nashville Tn). A guy was there saying he don’t really work there he was just filling in. (Afro American guy). Tall. Guy. He said “It’s not a big deal , he reply. It’s just napkins. It don’t matter what she said to you”. “People are Motherfuckers” and I said I’m not a motherfucker is what I said. Back. He said well don’t come in here asking for things. “WHAT”!!! I PAID FOR A BIG BREAKFAST!! Asking for things like I wasn’t a paying customer? And he cuss me out and then came to me with a hand full of napkins. (Another employee) it wasn’t the fact I was already late to my destination. But making me wait for now over the 5 mins and now 20 mins more inside the store. And skipping me to serve other customers and ignore I needed the napkins ? I never felt so HUMILIATED IN MY LIFE!! & Calling me out my name was very unprofessional and I didn’t even want my food anymore. I gave it away. I want this to be resolved. And I am gonna make more reports on this behavior!! This is jo way to treat a human being. It’s Ridiculous!! And disrespectful!! My number is 5183083832 and nobody isn’t responding I will be posting this on social media if I have to get some HELP with this.!! I spend my money at this restaurant for over 10 years and I never seen anyone behave this way!

Complaint by
Lovett Clark
April 9, 2023 @ 3:02 pm

I ordered a chicken Mac spicy From for macclesfield and asked for just lettuce no mayonnaise meal on 2/1/24 .
I was asked to park up and wait. When the food came out it had no drink . I had to wait for this to be done.
When I arrived home and opened the Mac spicy box there was a bap with just lettuce and mayonnaise . No chicken!
I was simply stunned.
I’d had a horrendous day visiting my father in hospital and this just destroyed me.
How could this possibly happen? Was it a prank?

Complaint by
Mr s Denny
January 3, 2024 @ 4:20 pm

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