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my tel no 01293 612376 or 07815437287.
went to get my mot. failed fine. i went to some another person to get my car repaired. halfords not happy with the work so will not pass my mot because they did not carry out work on my car and not happy not giving busines to theme.
my mot was passed from another garage with out any problems. i am not very happy the was i was treated. i will try not use halfords going forward.
i just want people to know , do not take your car for mot when it is half price, it is not worth it. get you in for half price mot so they can get some business out of you.

Complaint by
anish patel
February 15, 2012 @ 6:40 pm

Received a telephone call from Halfords head office a couple of weeks ago to say that as I had had my tyres fitted with them they could do my an MOT at half price provided I booked that day with them. Did so. Arrived today at the test centre only to find not booked in and all their MOT’s are half price if you book online anyway.

Poor customer service, will not be returning to them and am now about to ring up and complain about the 20 mile round trip.

Complaint by
March 2, 2012 @ 11:51 am

Went to halfords for half price MOT. They failed due to head light alignment and i had to pay £13.99 to have both of the headlights aligned or pay the re-test fee. I paid the extra and it took them less then 3 minutes to align both headlights. I took my car in for a service and surprise surprise the garage aligned my headlights for free as it had not been done!!
HAlf price MOT is a CON. they will try and get the money from you any way they can!
I am repoting them to trading standards.

Complaint by
March 17, 2012 @ 2:59 pm

I booked my car in at Halfords York Road Leeds to have a hands free kit fitted. The staff said they could do it in a weeks time (as Russ there only fitter worked three days a week) `..yeah, I know what you need, it`s a fitting kit costs about £20.00..` `Ok I said..see you in week. Total price for work just under £200.00, I left a £50.00 deposit. Took my car in, staff said it would be about 1.5 hours so I got a lift home, cam back at 3.30pm to be told they hadnt done it as they didnt have the correct fitting kit and extension wire. This is despite being told catagorically that they did. Wasted 4 hours travelling to and from Halfords on York Road Leeds, got a half hearted `sorry` from the one guy Ash, Ash failed to take my contact number so didnt ring me to tell me there was a problem. Utterly useless staff & company, will NEVER use Halfords under any circumstances again and will actively persuade others to not use them. They dont deserve to be in business.

Complaint by
office manager
March 28, 2012 @ 6:59 pm

went to get mot in Halfords Tonbridge, it failed,fair enough but was told to get bits done,tyes and coil would cost more then car…then it said on paper bonnet catch broken????who did that HALFORDS and a nice dent on bonnet which they have done…..(i have photos to prove that bonnet wasnt broken and their was no dent)So DONT GO TO TONBRIDGE…wish i had listened.

Complaint by
May 14, 2012 @ 1:05 pm

HALFORDS TO AVOID BY ANY COSTS!! DON’T BE FOOLED BY HALF PRICE OFFER!!! very bad experience over previous few years, never used them since, but recently received e-mail offer half price MOT and decided to save! what a fool 🙂
my car is 2009 BMW just out of warranty I had no 1% doubt it will pass, but was wrong, it didn’t headlight aim bad, headlight insecure due one lug cracked of. no professional advice given no customer service good, waited 3hrs for MOT and nobody phoned me to tell its done and failed. fixed lug with epoxide glue in about 5-7min, aligned headlight too in 3-4min. will see how much they will charge me for retest!!! when asked for free retest was told if I leave station there will be partial retest fee, but I found out should be offered free retest until next days end…..

Complaint by
July 6, 2012 @ 12:20 am

1)Temperature needle ‘shot up’ to maximum Monday evening (21 August) whilst driving back from work – Portsmouth to Southampton – approx. 6.30 p.m.
2 The temperature needle dropped back down to ‘normal’ within minutes.
3)Again, the temperature needle ‘shot up’ to maximum approx. 10 minutes later – and, again, it dropped back down to ‘normal’ within minutes.
3)I drove to Bournemouth on Tuesday morning (21st August) and I had to call the ‘AA’ out before I got there – temp. warning again. And my engine was loosing power and slowing down and had no ‘power’.
4)The ‘AA’ guy recommended/approved ‘Halfords’ (Bournemouth) and told me that I was entitled to a discount as an ‘AA’ Member and that the ‘AA’ Recommended ‘Halfords’.
4)This Branch OF ‘H’ had my car for 2 Days and failed to diagnose that my Water Pump is not working and needs renewing
5)The ‘Manager’- Kurt (sic) told me twice on the phone on Tuesday 21st August that ‘Halfords’ had totally checked out my car and that there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with it.
6)I know that my Water Pump needs renewing because I picked up my car from Halfords in Bournemouth at approx. 10.30 a.m.on Thursday 23rd August, drove out of B on the A338 towards the M27, just as I got onto the M27 the temp. needle ‘shot up ‘ again and (having called the AA out for the second time in 2 days ) it is now in a garage to have the water pump renewed.
7) How did ‘Halfords'(Holdenhurst Road – Bournemouth) fail to diagnose that an overheating engine was a defective water pump (and they had my bloody car for TWO DAYS!!!!!!!)

I expect a response

Mr Eugene Devine

Complaint by
Eugene Devine
August 23, 2012 @ 10:44 pm

My car went in for a service in May 2012 and whilst I knew there were a couple of bits that would need doing I was not expecting a phone call that told me the service was going to cost almost as much as the car value.

Needless to say the phone call was not from Halfords to me, but me phoning them after they had had my car for almost 6 hours! When I agreed for them to do the extortionate amount of work I was told that I would have my car back in a couple of days………3 days later I picked up my car, after phoning them AGAIN to find out what was happening!

I then, stupidly, booked my car in for an MOT with the same branch in September. On looking over my car before it went in I noticed that my engine pan was missing and the sump was leaking…….all work that was carried out in May.

I obviously raised the query when the car went for the MOT, which it did pass! I was told that they would order ane engine pan and sort it out! Needless to say, I have phoned every couple weeks and my car still has no engine pan and a leaking sump and to top the lot the guy who dealt with me through the service and the MOT has since left “under a very dark cloud”(sic)…….need I say more!

Certainly changed my opinion of Halfords / Nationwide I had used them for years without any issues, this one has cost me in excess of £2,000.

Complaint by
Karen Turner
December 14, 2012 @ 4:09 pm

I took my car for an 18,000 mile service @ Halfords Stafford, telling me it would take three hours I went shopping,after an hour I received a phone call telling me the service was going well but my two front tyres needed replacing & were down to the cord,, I was quoted prices in excess of £250.00 to replace tyres whilst car was on ramp having service, needless to say I didn’t take them up on there offer,on inspection elsewhere 20,000 miles is still left on the tyres, this is a shocking tactic to scare people, poss thinking women are easy prey, I intented to use the garage in the future, no way & I will be taking this complaint further.

Complaint by
January 27, 2013 @ 1:11 pm

went to halfords to have my exhaust looked at as it was noisy. they said they had to replace it. after they had replaced it it rattled and banged so I phoned and took it back. The manager said there was nothing they could do and to turn the music up. I then took my passat to the vw garage who said it was put on very poorly and it didnt fit. I paid 72 pounds for them to look at it.
Armen with a written report I took it back to Halfords where they eventually fixed it with me threatening them with trading standards. I am still waitinf for a refund of 72 pounds which they say I will not get as they say I lied about the exhaust banging. I would not recommend Halfords to anyone and their managers are ignorant and uninterested in their customers. If anyone has an address for which ever director happens to still be working please let me know I have a few things to tell him.

Complaint by
rosita taylor
March 13, 2013 @ 8:02 pm


Complaint by
Stephen Jones
April 27, 2013 @ 3:30 pm

put van for mot, failed not to unhappy with quote for work to be done so went ahead with them. work done but also needed a wind screen . took van away, booked new wind screen for 2 days later . driving to work next day and nearly went of road . THEY FIX ONE PART BUT MISSED ANOTHER PART THAT NEEDED WORK DONE , COULD HAVE DIED . got wind screen went back with van told them problem . they mot’ed again and failed with 2 parts that they missed first time . SO IF I NEVER TOLD THEM PROBLEMS WITH STEERING I WOULD ONLY HAVE NEEDED PART RETEST 2ND TIME SO WOULD HAVE GOT A MOT ON A DEATH TRAP.

Complaint by
darryl campbell
May 11, 2013 @ 11:28 am

What a waste of a Saturday afternoon. Sitting in their waiting room for two hours in the sweltering heat just to find out what I’d requested to have done wasn’t as described at all and had nothing to do with the issue I was going in for. No apology was given and I was charged for both the service which wasn’t required AND the work that needed doing which didn’t even fix the issue. I thought that I’d give them the benefit of the doubt before I went in after reading so many poor reviews, but I was wrong. I wouldn’t go within 100 yards of these scum again. Whilst I was sitting in the waiting room, every car booked in for an MOT in the time I was there ‘failed’ and I watched people fork out obscene amounts of money when it was clear that they were merely being fleeced for every penny. I know this because my car had only just been in for an MOT elsewhere and was relatively new anyway, yet they still insisted that the pointless work done to my car was a vast improvement. Please believe me when I say to avoid these people like the plague!

Complaint by
June 29, 2013 @ 3:11 pm

i went from tring to aylesbury to purchase a cross fire 2 bike 19inch mens to be told out of stock the chap rang hemel ann told me their were 2 ‘one was display the other was in a box they would keep for us we went from aylesbury to hemel which wasalot of petrol about ten pound to be told no bike at all for us im so angry my son is autistic and the trauma it caused us you wouldnt beleive what is your opinion id like to no why we were told their was a bike to collect when their wasnt

Complaint by
s poulton
July 21, 2013 @ 12:49 pm

On the 22nd July 2013 phoned up my local Halfords store in Chelmsford Essex to ask if they sold electric aerials after being put on hold was told they did and they started in price from £24 so went to store later that day looked in aerial section no electric ones so asked member of staff who said we don’t do them he checked with another member of staff who also said straight away we don’t do them. The reason for phoning before hand is because I live 15+ miles away so thats a 30 mile round trip for nothing plus the cost of the phone call that I was put on hold for ever. What sort of way is this to run a business?
That same day went to a local car shop in maldon they didn’t have one but got one in for me to collect that same afternoon will go there in future.

Complaint by
July 24, 2013 @ 9:49 am

I will not be using HALFORDS AUTOCENTRE SOUTHPORT again, guy behind counter gary took me for a mug and tried to rob me of £257 to fit a £44 hub bearing and 20 minutes to fit. Not only was he interested in TRYING to take a lot of my money, he was more interested in texting someone more important on his iPhone rather than talking to me. I did speak to a mechanic (Kevin) I think his name was and he was pleasant and deserves a good mention un like gary who i thought was to opinionated .sorry to say that I will not be going back to HALFORDS AUTOCENTRES ever again and I will be FOCUSING ON MY TEXTING TO ALL MY FRIEND AND FAMILY AND WORK MATES the terrible rip off and treatment I had.

Complaint by
R downy
July 27, 2013 @ 5:44 pm

This is the fourth email I am sending and no response for over two weeks. What kind of customer service is this? Email I sent is below however no response.
Can I have Return Authorisation Number for order number 0027238964 please. As I understand it, the item was delivered direct from the manufacturer. Please see your return policy below, ” Unfortunately, Halfords stores are not able to accept returns for products delivered direct from the manufacturer”

Complaint by
Thomas Michael
August 14, 2013 @ 11:55 am

I have tried to book on line an MOT however I was unable to do so the system would not allow me to. I contacted the local centre where I was trying to book and was told by the manager he would book me in but I would have to pay the full price!!! I informed him that he was penalising me because I could not book on line I even tried to do it while he was on the phone. I find this absolutely amazing that he is prepared to lose custom and would not give me the benefit of the doubt and allow me to have the MOT done At half price. So Halfords you must be so big you obviously do not care and are prepared to lose business.. I would rather go to a small garage and pay the extra than go to Halfords.

Complaint by
Disgruntled customer
August 19, 2013 @ 11:56 am

I provisionally booked an MOT online with the Camberley branch however I did not proceed with the payment as I thought I’d make a courtesy call. The lady said that there was no space. I made my way to the location and said that the system shows an availability, she went on to say that there was not enough staff and that they can’t do it, then she said that there was nothing on the system. I went on to say that all I need to do is make a payment and it would be booked but I am not willing to do that if you are unable to do it. A bit frustrating as I had a buyer for the car who was coming to collect it the next day.

Complaint by
I Nandhra
August 22, 2013 @ 4:37 pm

Halfrauds at Cheadle.
Simple case of faulty power steering pump, my car is AA warrantied and halfrauds are the repair agent.
Been 3 times now and still they have not fixed the noise.
Utterly rubbish. reported to AA and also I complained directly to Halfords.
Told AA I did not want to use them as a repair agent anymore…

Complaint by
August 30, 2013 @ 4:42 pm

Halfords you are rip off merchants I was told £284.00for a service plus other items he originally quoted £390.00 I gave them my vouchers from Tesco to the value of £170 and then he asked me for the £284 sorry madam misunderstanding very angry and broke now
you know exactly what your doing ripping people OFF

Complaint by
October 1, 2013 @ 4:32 pm

have been complaining to halfords phone center since august but have been fobbed off every time spent 1110.36 to have my van repaired when mot[kwick fit]found that the top bolt of the front brake caliper securing device was missing me and my son have been driving the van to work since 15 may the people at kwick fit said we were lucky we did not have a fatal accident and that if any of there mechanics had done this they would be sacked’All im looking for is my money back for a bodged job and not a free intrim service

Complaint by
October 9, 2013 @ 2:54 pm

Took my car to Halfords (Filton/Bristol) for a Half Price MOT and it failed on Hand Brakes. Funny enough I’d completely replaced the back Brake Discs/pads and the Hand Brake shoes couple of weeks prior to that.
They said if they fix it, there won’t be a charge for the retest but if I took it out they will charge half price (of the full price). To his surprise I didn’t leave my car as it was obvious they were trying to rob me during day light.
Took the car to my normal local garage and it passed with no problems what so ever!
Seems like a bunch of Con Artists to me.

Complaint by
October 26, 2013 @ 5:37 pm

Could you please ensure that when customers buy a new bike from any of your stores The one in Tooting Bec in particular
they get to walk away with their purchase( Bicycle ) back home rather than having the surly attitude from your staff in the Tooting bec store .
I was put in the situation in which only Halfords terms were acceptable even tough the goods -To wit – an |Apollo bike was already approved by my bank and therefore paid for. Not in Halford’s remit to deny me my legitimately bought goods and impose delays for paid goods.

Store number 0535 transaction Date 28/11/2013 debit card aurhorisation No 984603.

Can you please ensure that such an arrogant and humiliating attitude in front of other customers, having to argue to get my property bought from Halford does not happen to me or anyone else!nd that goods paid for are not Halford’s discretion but the buying customer. time of buying bike 17:13 pm.

pASCAL j.Bonnel


Complaint by
Pascal J.Bonnel
November 28, 2013 @ 6:24 pm

Halfords Woking- where do I start?

Previously found them to be expensive with wipers for my wife’s Ford cheaper at a main dealers as were remote batteries for my Mazda!

Gave them another chance with a bike for my 5 year old, if id followed there advice he could be dead.

So one night this week I give them a last chance- headlamp bulb for my Mazda. They want £14.99 for a pair, Europarts sell the same bulb for £3.46!!! Asked for price match, Manager eventually turns up and refuses despite me having evidence of price elsewhere.

I have emailed there complaints dept and received a corporate fob off.

Don’t waste your time – go elsewhere save pounds and get decent advice.

I cannot fathom how this company is still in business

Complaint by
December 5, 2013 @ 7:46 pm

Took My freelander to them, new turbo fitted £1500, and new disks and pads, had to take it back 3 times to do the brakes properly, in between visits I had burning oily smell in car, booked in with them for them to investigate they said sounds like head gasket, but told me to get engine valeted as they couldn’t see where it was coming from and take it back took them all day until I rang them to tell me that….so took to 2 independent garages and both within 30 mins rang and asked if I had a new turbo fitted recently, as they found cam cover gasket leaking due to loose and cross threaded bolts, halfords refused to accept liability and said I had to prove it was them…I truly think they knew what the problem was and would have to correct it free of charge, so told me head gasket and would have charged me!!!! I am so infuriated as I have now taken it to another garage to get it put right and have to pay out yet again!!!! I will be contacting trading standards, there head office and I will keep on until I get some satisfaction!!! I warn everyone stay well clear of halfords!!!

Complaint by
Carol white
December 11, 2013 @ 9:53 am

Went to halfords for some light bulbs for my car the bulbs cost 22 pounds then I had them fitted they went to the counter to pay for them and then I had to pay another 14 pound to have them fitted they did not let me no when I woz buying them the staff woz not good at all I spent 300 pound last week on Christmas presents be next time I will go to bullseye for me head lights the staff or crap

Complaint by
Paul thompson
December 21, 2013 @ 4:01 pm

Very poor customer service and lack of skills. They have wasted lots of my time. Went to buy double din dab radio in my car…
When spoke to them first price was £205 , end up paing £260. Booked me in for fitting within couple of hours. When came in they told me They told me have not got one in stoke…. After some time someone found it but it was too late to get radio fitted in….booked for another time. When it finally get fitted , radio wasn’t working as it should be working…..come back just to get five minutes conversation and maybe book it again but was ignored for over an hour. Went back home and complaint to head office and they make branch manager call me back….but all he did , was trying to make me fell I am wrong not them….booked me in for refitting but I don’t want any of them to touch my car anymore. Also when my windscreen wipers on the radio goes quite. …clearly something wrong!!!! Halfords NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!!!! HARLOW BRANCH ESPECJALLY….HOPELESS STUFF

Complaint by
Michal Czarnecki
December 22, 2013 @ 12:35 pm

very disappointed with Halfords customer service, I have reserve a electric car 6v collection for my son through website and its was showing in stock and after putting my details they told me I can collect this item after 1hr and it will be booked until 2 jan 14 but unfortunately they said it was out of stocked I was surprise I mean now these company playing so much trick I really like to shop with them but now after this ridicules service I won’t use them again

Complaint by
December 27, 2013 @ 1:51 am

I will not recommend anybody to go to the halfords mot centre because first thing customer service is ridiculous and secondly they are not trustworthy and they are looking people colour as well.that means they were not treating the customer fairly.I have got the free mot voucher from my insurance company and I have book for the mot.once they have done their mot they says mot is fail on your car because emission CO2 is to high,no image on the nearside main beam and rear view is restricted with cushion after seeing all those shit thing in mot report. they have put lots of thing as advisory as well which is bullshit.I was really surprised and straight away i had took my car from that shit place.they thing we don’t know anything about car or car parts but they don’t know people are also intelligence like them.I am class 1 LGV dvr I know the thing which I do servicing and repair on B vehicle and big artic lorry that is part of my job in army life.I have taken my car to the another mot test centre and they have passed at first time without any advisory.so that,I will strongly not recommend the halfords mot for those does not know this thing.they says mot is only 27 pounds but that will be 270 pounds within 1 hour.even though there is no any fault in the car.I will not use the halfords for my life for anything.”BEWARE OF HALFORDS”

Complaint by
January 10, 2014 @ 8:49 pm

Booked car in for MOT. Nothing apparent to be wrong, but failed on power steering pump. They gave us a quote of £270! and they wern’t able to get the part until the next day, so we decided to call different mechanics to get a second quote. We got one quote for £30! So we called Halfords up on the same day to say, we are taking the car back as we have found someone that can do it for much less. They said they had already put the part in (even tho, they said it would not be until; tomorrow). We asked them to remove the part and put the old one back in, but they said that that would make the new part a used part and that we had to pay them. Anyway, we ended up giving our card details over the phone, we had no reciept. We picked the car up later on that day and they billed us extra on new wind wipers which was unexpected and not needed for an extra £20! We complained to them, and we asked for paper work for the part and they said that they keep that information, so there was no evidence of this part being as much as we had paid. We paid and took the car home. Our next car journey the next day and we broke down. RAC took us to a local garrage in that area, mechanic said that the pump had been fitted in wrong and had messed up the entire engine. We called halford explaining what had happened but of course they said that it wasn’t there fault it was ours. The mechanic on our side of the line had to explain it to them – that it was there fault. We took it halford, and they re-fitted the pump and wanted £70 for labour. But we refused to pay. We have them no permission in the first place to even the part in or the wqind wipers, and they have only done damage to the car anyway. They are con men protected under the HALFORDS company policies.We will never use them again and are in the process of writing a letter of formal complaint to head office. We do not recomend anyone use them.

Complaint by
Sian Drake
January 27, 2014 @ 4:01 pm

On Wednesday 5th of February 2014
The Address
Unit A2 Hyde Estate Road
The Hyde
0208 205 8792
Just past by Halfords Autocentre Hendon for the first time.
Decided to ask a general but small question about car bumper,
I was immediately barked at excessively by a very rude man,
Shouting “we don’t do body work” then jumped up and pulled the huge garage entrance door down to emphasize he did not want me looking in,
I went in the main entrance to complain to the manager, only to find, that it was the same person (Tyrone Reis)

I told him his manners were disgusting and left,
(unless I receive an adequate apology I will never respect Halfords again.)

Complaint by
Mr Morris
February 7, 2014 @ 4:24 pm

Reserved a trax bike on line and wanted halfords to put it together for me for an extra 20 quid told me it would be ready by 4 o clock next day. Went to my local halfords in chingford e4 at 5 o clock where it was reserved and it was not ready, in fact it not even been started. Told the store I would buy the bike some where else as it was guaranteed next day . Halfords has just lost a sale and a customer as it can’t keep its promises.

Complaint by
Robert young
March 22, 2014 @ 7:34 pm

On going dispute with Halfords that originated from Halfords Feltham, Head Office have been poor in responding to complaints. A dreadful company lacking in any moral responsibility. Avoid them – go somewhere else.

Complaint by
April 2, 2014 @ 7:06 am

took 3 cars in to have safety checks to be told all 3 cars would not pass mot,
whated to charge over £3250 to do the work on the cars.
so I took cars to to an inderpend mechanic as I could not afford the prices from halford.
only to be told there was nothing wrong with the cars, only one car needed a new tyre, but the cars would pass mot, and was safe to drive, I WILL NEVER TRUST HALFORD AGAIN .. not a happy customer

Complaint by
April 7, 2014 @ 7:05 pm

Awful customer service at the store in Winchester road Southampton. Had to wait 30 mins to be served and then the guy was really not helpful and would not explain the differences in car seats. Really miserable and moaned about being understaffed and told me I should be more understanding and i shouldn’t be so rude! Appalling service will not be using halfords ever again!!! If you don’t like your job then get a new one! Don’t take it out on customers!

Complaint by
April 22, 2014 @ 5:34 pm

Avoid at all costs.Thought we would take advantage of half price mot.How stupid are we?
We have a imported people carrier which flew through the mot for the previous owner.
Now at the almighty Halfords of Stafford this was not the case.
Mot failed on a few things and emitions.Told us they were not equiped so someone else did the mot.
Now we paid to get all faults sorted but emitions still failed.My partner took the car down again the next day.We were told it would be a all day job so went for a look about.
5 hours later when we returned our car hadnt moved.
Were to busy you need to bring it back tomorrow.
Back again then other half went to pick it up and was told we had to pay for a cleaner which they had put in without our consent.Ok fair enough,we had to do 15 miles to run it through.
Done the miles and took it back to be told it still a fail and to find another garage.
We did that and paying £40 for a nother mot it passed with flying colours grrrrrrr

Complaint by
April 23, 2014 @ 3:35 pm

this morning on Halfords web site lot of satnavs on special offer [shop display models] .contacted three local stores only to be told none in Devon !!.so why put them on the web site.I would have bought two.Are there any available?

Complaint by
May 19, 2014 @ 7:58 pm

I posted a complaint last night and think I may have call the useless disrespectful arranging man Ian, my apology his name is Tim.

I am so very upset and angry my new car has more problems than it went in with.

I have spent money phoning, driving down there time out of work, borrowing other people’s cars taxi and bus.

I am one very unhappy x customer and I require a response ASAP with what you are going to do about my car and the incompatance of your staff At Henly Road Coral park Cambridge.

Complaint by
Karen Walsh
June 3, 2014 @ 6:41 am

Local Scarborough Halford’s had this time some leaflets out in distribution, right… How it ended up? First of all, they did not honour their offer in those leaflets, and second, I felt that they were vengful for I complained about this refusal to honour the deal to their Customer Service. In the end, they handed over a vehicle to me with dysfunctional brakes. Can you actually believe that!??

If you wish, you can read more here:

Complaint by
June 6, 2014 @ 6:38 pm

Went to Halford on snite retail park Ashton under Lyne this morning went for a bike rack no one could advise me or fit the item till 11.o’clock. such a big company ,what’s going on. not getting my custom anymore what if I bought a bike sy nine o’clock and a boke rack no one to fit it till 11.o’clock ha ha ha not funny

Complaint by
Dave Powell
July 17, 2014 @ 10:51 am

Went to Halfords New Malden Surrey to get two headlight bulbs replaced because dressed to go out and one had blown. The h/light bulbs sit in an easy to get to cluster in my Seat next to the side light bulbs. I was charged for purchase (fine) then £6.99 for EACH bulb to popped in (6 mins total) because they were INTERNAL bulbs?? The sidelight sitting next to it was an EXTERNAL bulb apparently and would have only cost £3.99 to pop in?? NOBODY at three different Halfords stores OR Halfords main customer service could tell me what Internal and External meant in this context, only a parrot fashion “one is a headlight, and one a sidelight” – and yet happy to charge on this basis. My fault for not checking price first but assumed it would be the ‘from £3.99’ posted in the store as I don’t have more complex sealed beam units, just a straightforward bayonet type fitting. Be warned!

Complaint by
John Rosenberg
July 18, 2014 @ 10:16 am

Hi on the 25/01/2014 My own work vehicle was booked in for rear brake repairs,as they had worn down and needed changing.
This job was done but with is i Apparently had to get a new rear caliper that was possible seized????(im sure a qualified experienced mechanic would know if it is seized or not??)
And also i was told my these qualified mechanics that the coils springs need replacing??(which i was told by these qualified mechanics that it is a real danger to drive and need replacing??)
And also they also had to fit the new discs and pads(which i did expect this one job)
Bill total £467.76 what a joke but hey ho i cant prove any off the above items really needed changing.apart from the pads and discs…(feel ripped off)

So from 25/01/2014 my car was fixed in many new ways.but as a day or 2 passed i noticed a noise from the brakes.little squeaks and this went on for a couple weeks,but thought being new brakes they are just bedding inn.
but a month or 2 went by and it got worse and the noise would come and go.
try booking in with halfords to let them check them again and they just said the brakes might make a noise as they are bedding inn???
anyway on the 7th may 2014 i had had enough got the my work van booked inn to halfords to check to find the problem..
My van was there for one and a half days which ment i losed 2 DAYS WORK.
when i got the van back they told me there was nothing wrong(weird) they had checked all the brakes back and front they told me??? ( told me they are just bedding inn and not to worry as the noise will go????)
anyway off i drive and a couple off miles down the road it starts making the noise??
so i just put up with it.
On the 24/06/2014 i drive me and my wife to glastonbury and back from folkestone wher i live.a bloody long journey in my work van.
noisy brakes there and all the way back??

then when im home from glastonbury my MOT is due.so took it to a local garage in dover kent.
my van passed the MOT with flying colours.
brakes checked and all good apart from unbalanced on the rear.
so i told the MOT guy the story off the new brakes etc and as i only had one new brakes caliper fitted that might explain the unbalanced in braking.
i asked the MOT guy to check them and when he did he said these brakes are dangerous as they have been fitted wrong and are wearing uneven on one side.
the side where the new caliper was fitted? halfords bodge up was the words this guy used(think he is right)
next day 04/07/2014 i take my van back to halfords and have a good moan up and told them to sort it.
Also this is a day im ment to be at work another day losed so thats 3 days work in total halfords have cost me(£450 ive losed)
they fit them and sort them but im still not happy as intotal with bill and lose off earnings these brakes cost me whopping £917.76 (ripped off i think???)

Also today ive had to drive my van to a course that i have been waiting over a year to get on and on the way home ive noticed a klonking noise happening from the same side as the problem with the brakes.

Ive got to go on this course for the next 2 days and i need my van to get there,so im going to have to take a chance that the van will be ok.
This course is costing around £2000 so lets hope my van gets me there and back as i cannot miss this cousre and lose my money.that on top off the money ive already losed through not going to work which is 3 days money (£450.00)
It may bit be that this klonking noise is a coincidence but im sure its not.

My van is treated like a car its got 3 seats in the back its a vauxhall combo and its only 7 years old, so basically what im trying to say it is not the type off work van a builder would use or how they would treat it
(its not a heap off junk)

I dont usually do complaints its not in my interest. but due to losing so much money and the manager in charge with the folkestone branch with not even considering any sort compensation for my lose off earnings.
Im finding myself writing an email to you and taking up my precious time.

I do apologise if this email seems rude in any way.
Like i said im not used to writing complaints.

Complaint by
Paul gatehouse
August 3, 2014 @ 8:00 am

Took my car in for a mot failed on a front bush and a rear tyre so took car away and took it to my normal garage for a retest and get the tyre done turns out the missed they there was excessive play in the steering rack both rear spring had snapped the track rod ends had excessive play and both front bushes were gone and there war 30000 miles left in the tyre did all the work myself for under £100 rather rhan the £400+ they had quoated mehad the retest and passed first time makes me wonder how many other cars they have missed these potential dangers on that are driving round on our roads

Complaint by
August 21, 2014 @ 11:28 pm

Beware before you take your car for an M.O.T to your local Halfords Autocentre. They lure you in with a half price M.O.T offer and then they stitch you up any way they can with a number of faults no other garage would normally list. At my local (Merton Road SW18)they took a week to sort out my car which was then returned to me with brake faults. I discovered (by having it checked by another garage)that any of the brake parts they had replaced were of mediocre quality hence there was a strange noise coming from the undercarriage. I was charged £247 for the privilege and when I complained in writing twice to their Regional General Manager about the lack of Duty of Care and the abysmal service and treatment received. After nearly two months he hasn’t even bothered to answer to my last letter. What a shambles. You have been warned!

Complaint by
Antonio Marchese
September 18, 2014 @ 11:07 pm

Had my work carried out by Halfords in Oxford.
Cut the long story short. They messed my car.
The case is with the Solicitors…

Complaint by
November 15, 2014 @ 9:18 pm

It looks like the staff all over Halfords branches works on the commission under the pressure by the Managment to rip off customers.

Complaint by
November 15, 2014 @ 9:22 pm

Took my van in for an mot .failed. They left an oiley foot print on door card. Oil on top of door and on sill.Had to take it back to be cleaned.Never ever go there again.I used to spend a lot in store but never again.

Complaint by
steve saunders
January 5, 2015 @ 4:35 pm

Paid for Halfords to fit my wiper blades two days ago, driving 100 miles at 5am today and one flew off, leaving me on the motorway, miles from anywhere with only one wiper working while in a torrential storm. Got to a service station, couldn’t get replacement but window has been scratched by the arm with the missing wiper blade. Called Halfords they will fit a new blade, but suggested that I should have “disabled” the arm with the missing wiper. I couldn’t even manage to fit my own wipers, how do they expect me to “disable” bits of my car! Will NEVER go there again!

Complaint by
January 8, 2015 @ 3:48 pm

On Saturday 10th jan 2015 I went into your eastbourne East sussex store. To purchase a child car seat. I approached a member a staff (who I found out later to be the manager of the store). He said I’m just with a customer won’t be a second. I waited he didn’t return. So I went and lined up with everyone else. When I was served it was the manager Keith Rutherford who served me. I told him what I needed he responded well I can’t fit it today I’m too short staffed. Does halfords want a sale or not.? When I told him what car it was he said you need to go to Audi. I went to mothercare just a few shops along and they were so helpful it was unbeleivable . I spoke to audi today and they said the guy in halfords does’nt know what he’ s talking about. He couldn’t wait to get me out the store. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go to halfords for a car seat . Keith Rutherford needs to be more helpful .

Complaint by
January 12, 2015 @ 2:00 pm

Want everyone know what kind of staff working in halfords shops that they are not able to change a bulb. They suposed to remove air filter to change a bulb on My audi a6 and after they did not put it back in right position and it almost cause me a BIG damage for my engine. For that did i pay money? I paid for service and i received just a terrible, horrible things? If they don’t know that to do just don’t do it at all. Proffesonal specelist must know how to change BULB without any damage. I have never seen something worst then this. Absolutely disappointed about that rubish service.

Complaint by
Audi a6
February 10, 2015 @ 8:18 am

Went to some new wiper blades for a Peugeot 406 (not as easy as some wipers to change), decided to pay the few pounds to get some-else to fit them as the weather was horrible, the lad sent out appeared to be nothing more than an inexperienced school boy, this turned out to be an accurate first impression as he didn’t know where to start. He went to fetch an older chap who also couldn’t do it, so I showed them how to do it. They did say to go back in and get a refund for the fitting fee but I couldn’t be bothered.

Complaint by
Dave Gordon
March 8, 2015 @ 9:56 am

this company is useless,please think again before getting a service or m o t, I booked online full service + m o t £184 at Holloway head autocentre in Birmingham on sunday 08/03/2015 the only day I had off work, when I arrived I was told by the rude and arrogant so called manager that he could not do my service on a sunday, so I produced my booking form with all relevant information only to be told ” I ONLY WORK HERE MATE NOTHING I CAN DO” when I informed him the company had already took £184 from my bank he smiled and said you will have to try and get a refund wont you,PLEASE DONT USE THIS COMPANY YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Complaint by
terence wortley
March 10, 2015 @ 8:10 pm

I took my Peugeot boxer motorhome into Halfords Burton on Trent for a MOT and it failed on the brake pipes front off side. I had to take it to a independent garage for replacement of said brake pipes and was told there was no corrosion or very little corrosion on the metal pipe through out to justify a failure on the MOT. It cost me 180 pound for the replacement, I have a section of the pipe marked with yellow marker, which shows little ware apart from the black paint flaking slightly. I am pissed
of with Halfords.

Complaint by
Vale Sparrow
March 12, 2015 @ 9:13 pm

Hi, just like everybody to know never use this company, my first experience with this halfords autocenter Worthing was a bill for £1100 for new calipers break pads and disc on my van, that job was not the problem as work needed doing I most likely was overcharged, but a few months later I had starting issues with my van took it to halfords they said battery was most likely not good enough for cold starting overnight, so I bought a more heavy duty one from them for £99 but problem still kept happening when I called recovery out to help me he said it was an earth problem easy to sort and did never need a new battery, but the best is to come just last month I took to halfords as my van made a spark noise underneath and then engine management light came on and then van went limp mode and cut out, they had it on there diagnostic machine and got back to me and said can not do anything as all injector faults were showing and advised me to take it to injector specialist, so I booked with who they had advised automarine hove but they could not look at it for another 2 weeks as they were all booked up, so as I needed a van for my work I had to hire a van in the mean time, 2 weeks later then I got call from injector specialist saying they put it on there diagnostic machine and said that it was not injector problem most likely a electrical thought or a cable loose or damaged and they did say that halfords run scared when see injector thoughts, so then I booked in at an independent garage and they found straight away damaged cable touching injector which coursed spark noise and then for the van to cut out, so that was a 1 hours labour. So I just like to say thanks to halfords for not sorting out a simple problem and thanks for my van being off the road for a month and costing me £962 in hire van charges for the month when if they bothered to look closely in the first place it would of been a hours work. Would never go to them again!!

Complaint by
March 19, 2015 @ 2:48 pm

used to work at halfords, they are money robbing arseholes, didn’t get paid on my last month of working there..they say they offer training – a load of bull. The manager can’t even do his job. i simply hope you go bust.

Complaint by
ex employee
April 14, 2015 @ 2:26 pm

Sequence of events:
1. Sunday 22 March 2015
10:00 am. I took my car to Halfords Autocentre in Southfileds for a full service (69 points service). Booking reference: A422S21074
2:50 pm. I collected the car from Halfords Autocentre. The technician didn’t report any damage or intervention requiring particular attention other than the ones mentioned in the Halfords Service Report (front brake pads close to minimum and one tyre to be replaced).
I drove home (10 km), instantly I noticed the engine was noisier than usual, assumed the oil was bedding in.
2. Monday 23 March 2015
I drove to work (25 km). The noise from the engine increased in intensity until it became a clear and loud tapping noise. Upon arrival at work I called Halfords Autocentre in Southfields looking for advice.
3. Wednesday 25 March 2015
Halfords Autocentre in Southfileds arranged for the car to be towed to Halfords Autocentre in Sutton for diagnosis of the problem.
4. Thursday 26 March 2015
Halfords Autocentre in Sutton advised that in their opinion the noise from the engine was due to a problem with the timing chain (based on research on the internet). I note that at this point the Autocentre didn’t conduct any physical investigation into the loud knocking. Halfords also stated that this was a known problem for BMWs therefore not their responsibility. They advised that they had no intention to perform any additional check because they didn’t have the expertise to perform inspection to the timing chain.
5. Tuesday 31 March 2015
I arranged for the car to be towed to a local BMW specialist garage. I have commissioned the garage to conduct an investigation and produce a technical report into the engine problem.
The same day the garage called me back saying that the problem was definitely not due to the timing chain.
6. Thursday 02 April 2015
Sent complaint to Halfords via the customer service website (feedback form … only 1000 characters):
and web email web-service (6000 characters)
Halfords never replied.
6. Wednesday 15 April 2015
Received final report from the BMW specialist (delay due to Easter break). The report confirms that the issue is not due to the timing chain. The oil in sump was found to be heavily contaminated and with a lot of carbon build up (note: the oil was replaced together with filters by Halfords only few miles before). The oil looks like a very thick sludge which caused bearing failure in some of the main engine components. The garage recommend an engine replacement (estimated cost including VAT and labour 4,803.65£).
7. Wednesday 15 April 2015
Today appointment with solicitor to agree way forward

Complaint by
April 16, 2015 @ 8:11 am

I booked my car in online at Altrincham Halfords Autocentre for the 19th May. Having provided a full description of what was required, “cam belt replacement and front tyres requiring sealing to prevent air escape”, I felt I had left my car in safe hands.

How wrong was I???

After having dropped my car off at 9am on the 19th May and being told it would be completed by the end of the day I returned home only to have to call the Autocentre at 4.30pm to find out what was happening. Upon speaking to the Manager “Phillip Kay”, I was told that the car needed “a new cam belt and the tyres sealing”.
Responding with “I know what is required as I told you when I booked the car in”, I was then informed that my car hadn’t even been looked at even though it had been there for 7 hours!!!
I arrived at the Autocentre to collect my car in amazement at the fact nothing had been done. I then had to return the car on the 21st May as the tyre sealant and cam belt apparently takes 2 days to be delivered!
I cannot believe a company such as Halfords is unable to have simple parts such as a cam belt kit and tyre sealant delivered the same day.
On the 21st, I reluctantly returned my car back to the Autocentre at 9am and made it “crystal clear” I needed the car repaired by 4.30pm at the very latest. As you can imagine, by 4pm I decided to call the Autocentre only to find that my car had still not been repaired!!
I immediately went to the Autocentre to find out exactly what was going on. My car was finally released to me at 5.10pm even though it had been made clear I needed it much earlier. How it possibly takes 2 days to fit a cam belt kit and seal tyres, of which is comfortably achievable within a 4 hour period is beyond a joke.
Upon being ripped off for £594.71for the work done on my car, I had to then take it into another mechanic the following day for the cam belt to be repaired once again as the mechanic from Halfords (Babak Hashimpour) clearly had no idea what he was doing as the crank pulley had not been fitted properly making the timing belt slip and creating a banging noise whilst driving the car. After looking at the invoice given to me by Halfords, not only had the cam belt replacement not been done properly, but the car had not even been tested before I received it back.
To say I’m absolutely disgusted at the service, price and complete negligence on behalf of Halfords is an understatement to say the least.
I had to have my car repaired by the damage caused from the faulty fitting of the cam belt of which cost me another £498.26 plus £211.92 due to the fact my car was not road worthy so had to get a hire car for work over the Bank Holiday weekend.
If you require photocopies of the invoices for all the work done on my car, I will be more than happy to provide the documentation.
I feel a full refund for not only failing to repair my car, but causing further damage to it, and compensation for having to hire a car whilst my car was being repaired correctly, which amounts to £806.63 (£498.26 plus £211.92), is the minimum I deserve for such a poor service and negligence on behalf of Halfords.
I therefore feel 14 days to respond to this letter is a fair amount of time to reply with a suitable explanation and compensation agreement. If I do not receive a reply by the 19th June 2015, I will be seeking compensation via court action.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Barry Woodyatt

Complaint by
Barry Woodyatt
June 5, 2015 @ 8:49 pm

Fully working air conditioning unit brought in for service but returned not working promised refund and goodwill gesture not received after six days. Currently seeking legal advice in regards damage to car.

Complaint by
July 10, 2015 @ 8:18 pm

I was a passenger ,when my work partners car broke down. he is with the A,A,and is insured that any break down parts will be covered, the A,A diagnosed it was the alternator and they will take it to nearest Halfords as they are one of the designated mechanics that deal with the A,A,as he lives in Harlow the nearest one is Wych Elm, when the A,A man rang the branch he was told would not be able to do anything for at least a week because most of the staff were on holiday, surely any company have a holiday rotor system to cover the business hours. It is a disgrace this day and age it takes a maximum two hour job a week to get done. Absolutely appalling, returned to the stone ages

Complaint by
August 12, 2015 @ 7:57 pm

Applied for their advertised ‘free summer check’ and booked an appointment for 10:30 with the check expected to take 1 hour. Had an appointment at my bank so handed them the keys at 09:45 saying I would leave it with them ‘we’ll ring you when your car is ready to collect’ they said as I left.
Come 1:30 no phone call so I rang them. And rang them. And rang them. NO REPLY. Got a lift there and they hadn’t even started the check. Apology? NO. What I got was ‘shouldn’t book on-line the appointments are all lies’, ‘we had other work in that we chose to do instead’, ‘we are too busy to keep to appointments’, ‘when we said we would ring you you would have known that meant it could be any time up to closing’ (!?) and the classic ‘it is what it is’. Unbelievable.
I would complain but ….. the complaints number doesn’t work either!!!!!!
I’ll take my business elsewhere now so if you are reading this Halfords WIDNES and in particular Chris:
I AM DISGUSTED THAT YOU HAVE WASTED MY TIME LIKE THIS. You deserve to be closed down and I will take my MOT, full service and aircon regas to a company that actually wants customers.

Complaint by
Lynne B
August 17, 2015 @ 4:03 pm

This morning 16.9.2015, my husband and I went to your outlet in Bilston, only to find that you have changed everything around, the only problem is that we are elderly people and found it very difficult to climb the stairs to find and purchase motor oil and filter, I am very saad to say that your shop is not disable or elderly friendly, you have arranged all your bikes etc on the bottom floor which for children and people who can climb stairs im afraid does not make much sense, when i complained about this i was told that if you have trouble climbing stairs the staff will get it for you, the staff will do that anyway, not one of your best ideas, oh and by the way there are also young people diabled who love to look round motor accessories so come think again please.

Complaint by
Susan Burchell
September 16, 2015 @ 4:15 pm

Have had my car MOT & Service at Halfords Huddersfield for last 3yr, in previous 2yrs they have managed to find work needing done to charge me £300+. This year they’ve excelled themselves.
1. They replaced some bulbs that were “out” yet they were working fine only a few days before they got my car.
2.They said one of my roll bar springs was broken and they were best replaced in pairs.
Total cost £700+
When I took the car in the manager, himself a mechanic looked at my car and asked if it had locking wheel nuts. I honestly didn’t know (my previous car did). I told him I didn’t think so as no one has ever asked me for the locking wheel nut key. Also that they have been the only mechanics to touch the car in 3yr so if it has the key will be where they left it. About 4hrs later I got a call from another mechanic asking where my locking wheel nut key was. I repeated the above answer to him and told him his manager asked me if it had locking wheel nuts. He told me that the type of alloys on it HAD to have at least 1 locking wheel nut but just from standing looking at my car he could see that it has 5 in each wheel. I had to wait till the next day to get my car and was told the MOT & Service had been done and work done to pass it but the brakes had not been checked (I thought the brakes gad to be checked). I paid 50% of my whole months wages as a nurse for what they did and I feel well and truly ripped off!!

Complaint by
Ellie Chmielewski
November 12, 2015 @ 10:23 am

On the 23rd November I booked a major service on my c180 mercedes, at the autocentre in Ashford Kent.
It also needed front brake discs and a thermostat,total cost was £527.69 which I thought a little excessive,but I paid up. The following day the engine management light came on,so I took it back and they said it was because the airbox was left off when they started it, they told me they had reset it and it would be fine, the light came back on before i got out of the car park!
I went back in and they put a test on it again and said they THINK it was camshaft sensor,so I left the car over night with them, they rang next day to say it was ready for collection. Again it came back on before I got to the end of the road. ANOTHER test still said camshaft sensor,and they would order one! What did they do with it while it was with them over night??Obviously not repairing it. I asked if it was safe and ok to drive it,I was told ‘no problem it won’t do any harm’ 2 days later it failed to start while I was 35 miles from home,the green flag mechanic told me the camchain had slipped!And Halfords shoould have diagnosed a worn chain he refered to them as cowboys.
The car was transported back to Halfords where they fitted a cam chain kit and new sprockets for a total of £1750. I collected the car and all seemed well for a few days, then while driving on the M20 the car cut out and refused to restart, I had no option but to call out green flag again to be recovered back to Halfords.
The following day they phoned me and said they THINK it’s the fuel pump and started blaming poor fuel which I buy from an ESSO garage!!!
They fitted a new fuel pump and told me they wanted another £160, but unfortunatley I cant have my car back yet as they had broken something on the fuel tank!
To date the car is still with them, as they are waiting for a part.
Now I know the camchain would probably have gone anyway but why was no serious fault diagnosed on the major service? The car had been running fine untill this service since then I have broken down twice.
Also after this MAJOR service I checked the tire pressures and they were all under inflated and uneven, so they didn’t check them,what else did they not do?
This episode has so far cost me £2437 and I still do not have my car!
I am convinced they omitted to do something or damaged something on the service resulting in the 2nd breakdown and the so called failure of my fuel pump.
I feel let down and ripped off and I will never be able to trust them with my car again. I will on getting my car back,take it to an independant garage for advice and a check over.

Complaint by
Mr Hyder
December 14, 2015 @ 5:56 pm

Went to buy a cd/radio for my car and was told that to pay for fitting it also have to order facia and adapter lead so asked how long was told three to five days this was a monday got phone call on wednesday so booked fitting in on friday well got there and was told the facia has turned up but not the adaptor lead did not turn up was told they was picking it up on saturday so waste of my time on friday no phone on saturday so rung them on monday giving them the weekend to sort it. rang on monday was told still not turned up so was told again it will be here on wednesday 100% what do think happened did not turn up a week and three days later so got my money back this is A Disgrace DONT WONT TO THE JOB THAT I PAID FOR i would not get halfords windmill road croydon to do anything to do with audio what a joke no applosies at all they think we are just public not a customer

Complaint by
December 16, 2015 @ 11:40 pm

Worst place ever. Spoken to like i was a pice of dirt asked to speak to a manager turned out he was the manager. Called up customers services didn’t seem like they wanted to know either which shows you how its run as a whole. My friend took her car there for a mot because of the special offer they said it needed £500 pounds worth of work done ( shock absorbers) took it to her michanic who said it was fine and no such work need to be done. Ask them for a quote they had to laugh at halfrauds quote. The quoted her 220
I just think they are a joke as a company will not be going to them again ever

Complaint by
Hung nguyen
January 19, 2016 @ 1:10 pm

I’m a single mum of twins (one boy, one girl) and I’ve been saving up for years to buy them their first bicycles. You could say it’s been my dream.

Last Saturday, I took them to my local Halfords (in Wrexham) to choose the bikes.

Imagine my dismay to discover that a) the children’s bikes pandered to gender stereotypes (pink for the girls, pirate-themed for the boys); and b) the ‘girl’s bike’ cost £10 more!


I was so shocked that I practically fainted. the children are completely confused – and no longer even want bicycles. Our dream is over.

Please get your act together. Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourselves!


Ms. L. Smith

Complaint by
Lucinda Smith
January 21, 2016 @ 8:58 am

This company is useless; please think again before getting any car service or fix.
I went Halford for front right indicator light bulb change, after waiting 50 minute, young lad turn up ask me to realise the bonnet. Young lad open the bonnet, I was standing near my car rare window attending the phone. Suddenly Lad disappeared and come back with one of his co-worker. She told me that bayonet fitting is broken and she quickly changed the other light bulb, which I did not ask for. Complain to Manager and customer service, they did not take any action.

Complaint by
Mr Singh
February 5, 2016 @ 11:49 pm

this is my 4th email in 2 weeks ive read your reviews not looking good for you i must say. im not in the habit of repeating myself so if you want to know what my complaint is i surgest you look at my emails you have been sent all you need to know is that at my next available oppotunity which is saturday morning the 5th march i will be asking for a refund not a voucher a refund the manager in question is louis at castlebromwich birmingham i dont know his surname failing that i will seek the advice of a solicitor believe me when ive finished you will wish you had never met me

Complaint by
March 1, 2016 @ 11:23 pm

Emailed twice to Halfords complaint department but no reply.
We took our car for diagnosis on Tue 1-3-2016 and were told that oxygen
sensor is faulty and will need replacing. We paid £50 for checking but
no receipt and and any diagnosis report was given to us. Part was
replaced on Wed 2-3-16 and paid by the warranty company but the faulty
part was not given back to us.
The car developed similar fault again just after 2 days. We took the car
back on Sat 5-3-2016 and appointment was made for Thu 10-3-2016. Car was
re-checked on Thu 10-3-2016 and we were told that 2nd oxygen sensor is
faulty and will need replacing. And we will be charged £50 again for

There is a problem:
1. Diagnosis was not done properly or full and you missed the other
2. Repair was not done properly or the part was not replaced at all. How
do we know part was replaced? We were not shown or given any faulty part
Could you please investigate this and reply to us asap.

Complaint by
Mr A
March 16, 2016 @ 6:04 pm

Due to a water pump problem,I had it replaced on my Jaguar x type at Worthing Halfords Autocentre.
I was charged a total of £348.55.
As I am reliant on my vehicle for my employment I have to have servicing carried out as soon as convenient to the mechanical problem.This happened recently,when again I needed the Halfords fitted pump replaced because of leakage.
Whilst the pump is under guarantee it was not convenient to book in and have the fault remedied on the guarantee so I was fortunate and grateful to have a local mobile mechanic replace the pump and belt for a price of £210.
After showing him my Halfords receipt he has pointed out that apart from the price being unusually high,I have been charged £49.99 for the supply and fitting of the belt which is a £5 item and integral with the fit of the pump.It appears as if I have been charged an extra hours labour costs unnecessarily.
Could you please explain?

Complaint by
Peter Stratford
April 2, 2016 @ 5:58 pm

Well well well strap up ladies and gents here is my experience with Halfords
Last year may I took out my MOT and interim service at my local Warrington centre.All in all it cost my around £600
December last year I purchased headlights from Halford.The young chap struggled without success to fit a bulb in and get it working.I was told the wiring back of the headlight was corroding and that I’d need a replacement spark plug before it would work but he assured me the replacement bulb was fitted in.Whst he did not mention was that he had damaged the loom.Thus is what holds the bulb in place.I told him that my MOT was coming up and I’ll wait till then using my fog light for the near side headlight for now
Well my MOT had come as well the discovery of the damage to the loom after the failure of my MOT.Words fail me I am completely Agast as to why I have been treated in this manner and a loyal customer who has been purchasing light bulbs kids bikes MOT etc
On the advise of this discovery I went back to the store and complained
The experience was nothing short of a mess.I spoke to two managers and they were both very unhelpful.They were adamant that it was nothing to do with them.The senior manager was the worst of the two and very rude.He did not even know the complaints process for writing in and handed me a Survey card.He confidently challenged me to consult trading standards regards the issue.Well you definitely have your wish because I have.The level of service is so unacceptable and I’m getting to the bottom of this especially for people that have been treated so shabbily and you think that’s okay well it’s not
Not thanks to the damaged caused I have taken my car elsewhere and now have a £ 260 bill to replace the whole headlight itself the extent of the damage caused.We all make mistakes and I would have appreciated someone at the time just to say I’m sorry I have made a mistake and accidentally damaged something in your car.But they didn’t they masked t and now trying to lay the blame on someone else and that’s pathetic
But here’s the catch I will get every penny I hAve spent back from Halfords and then free break pads for life or not I will NEVER be using them again.Very disappointed and shocked that Halfords could do such a thing.Oh by the way when I went into store and spoke to the so called managers if only they could play back a tape of our conversation they will know just how bad a service they rendered and trust me if you keep on like this your business will keep going down.

Imagine telling a Customer if you write a complaint letter it will come to me anyway
Unbelievable and very shameful service at the least
Remember good service travels first and so does bad
And for those of you that want to try your luck with Halfords you’ll need plenty of it so all the best but you have been warned plenty

Complaint by
April 4, 2016 @ 3:45 pm

I made an appointment for car m.o.t on line for today and when I got there they said they could not do it and I had to make another appointment. I would have thought they would at least have phoned to let me know this. I use Halfords autocentre as a regular customer and I was very disappointed about this

Complaint by
mrs g f bates
April 29, 2016 @ 5:11 pm

I took my car in for a Service and MOT and checked my car over the day before to check levels etc, i had a small chip that had been repaired by auto-glass in November and it was now as small as a pen tip.

I got a call to say they failed my MOT due to my headlights being broken and because of that they couldn’t align my lights.

When i got my car back the chip was now a metre long crack. I complained, they said it was my fault etc. Said they went no where near my windscreen and this was true because the only levels they filled was my windscreen washer. They did not do their job at all and my car came off worse.

Complained to head office they indirectly blamed me. Said they take no responsibility.

I went to another garage to get my MOT re done and they said my lights aren’t broken at all and aligned my lights. Passed my MOT and noticed some other things that Halfords didn’t.

The head office then went on to indirectly blame me and tried to offer me 20% refund out of ‘good will’ and to go back so they can fill up my power steering fluid. I sent an email requesting CCTV from the workshop so I can see what happened to my car through the Freedom of Information Act and now all of a sudden the emails have stopped coming? (Did someone shout guilty?)

This is a joke! Why do I have to go out of my way to go back to the place that damaged my car to get something done that should have been done the first time?

Im currently writing a long complaint to the MD because this is beyond pathetic service!

Never ever go to Perry Bar Birmingham Autocentre

Complaint by
Aman Singh
May 21, 2016 @ 10:12 am

Had MoT done. Ended up paying £780 pounds in Jan. How found out the air con i paid to service does not work. Phoned bracknell halfords to get a rude manager who just is saying tough we would have checked it and it must have been working. no mention of 12 month guarantee!! this is from the manager… made me feel i was lying

Complaint by
May 26, 2016 @ 11:54 am

My wife took my car to be serviced at Halfords in Watford, she has now been back more then 7 times for them to reset my service mileage & they still cant do it & there customer service is useless they say its not there problem make sure you don’t use them they are useless.
When you call the Watford auto centre they are so rude quick to take your money but you will get headache at the same time stay away RUBBISH YOU DONT GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Complaint by
June 7, 2016 @ 11:04 am

I went for Mot my car pass it easy but day after start messing ecu, lights on dashboard start flashing, dpf light is on all the time. I went to another garage for engine diagnostic and they told me somebody broken my ecu, i didnt belive them because Halfords is good company so i went to remmaping specialist whihone did completly ecu check wit reading maps and told me exacly same, somebody broke your ecu, the diagnostic already cost me over £120 plus 250 for ecu and remmaping. Thank u Halfords in Harrogate for broke my car i hope people teake u to a court for cheating your customers, all the worst for Halfords garage in Harrogate

Complaint by
June 7, 2016 @ 10:45 pm

last year i had my MOT done by halfords and they said i needed 2 new tires, money was tight at the time, so i said can u use my spare and order the other one…sorry your spare is knackered, we have already checked it…i was surprised but went with it because they were the experts….another year passed, and was MOT time again, and i knew my back tires would be advisory so went to a local tyre dealer to get them changed, i said to the dealer, can u sort me out with 2 back tires please, and put a new one on my spare, he got the spare out and asked why i wanted it changed, and i told him that it was knackered…he said its absolutely fine, nothing wrong with it at all…thank you halfords….i also needed new wiper blades on the front, i changed one, but couldnt get the other off,so went up to halfords and asked them to change the right wiper blade, they said u just want one done? isaid yes, the other is ok…he said ill have a look….he looked and said u need both changed, they are both perished, i said hows that then, because the left one has only been on my car for 6 hours. and with that he disappeared, and never came back…thank you again halfords

Complaint by
June 21, 2016 @ 1:48 pm

I recently took my ford focus to get an mot at your Barnsley auto care centre, someone from Halfords called me back to say my car had failed its mot but all I need is a new brake light and a new tyre on the front drivers side. I then got a call from them saying I could go pick the car up on Friday (29/07/2016) the same day I took it in, as it was ready and had passed its mot. I asked if I could have it fully serviced As well they said yes they will get straight too it. 6 hours later I get a call saying the car will not start there is something wrong with the immobiliser. they told me it’s nothing they had done it’s something that happens over time (over the time they had the car!?!). I went to the garage to get more information, the guy took me to the car and my keys are on the floor next to the car. Asked the guy why my keys looked damage (trampled on/run over) he quickly said that they had to take apart my keys to replace the battery. I asked the guy what’s next to get the car starting he said there is nothing else they can do I need to take it to a ford garage. I said to the guy the car was fine when it entered the garage but came out not working, I was getting really angry at this stage and said he needs to get someone to fix it. he then said he would call an auto electrician to come in this was on the Saturday 30/07/2016 he then said it would cost me £250 to him to fix the car.(how can it cost me for your employees to do something to my car for it not to work anymore) it is now the 02/09/2016 there has been no attempt to get an auto electrician to come out and fix my car I am still going to have to pay for your employees mistakes it is costing me £10 a day to get to work.

Complaint by
August 2, 2016 @ 1:10 pm

BEWARE: DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO HALFORDS AUTOCENTRE CENTRE, BARKER STREET, NORWICH. They damaged my car, ripped me off and their treatment of customers is the worst of the worst. Sequence of events:-
1. Halfords called me on 14 July 2016, claiming to be from the Barker Steet branch (it later transpired their national call centre had made the call so seems they lied) and offering a ‘great’ deal of £160. I agreed and booked for 2 August 2016 for 08:30am.
2. 10 minutes later they called me back, saying they had input the wrong customer details on their computer and the actual price would now be £181.19. Foolishly I agreed to keep the booking.
3. Took car to Barker Street on 02/08/16 at 08:25am for 08:30. The car was in good working order with no known problems. Was met by a guy at the desk, who I took to be the manager, and who clearly has an attitude problem making him unsuitable for his role. Firstly he told me the price had now gone up by a another £20 because they had ‘forgotten’ to include the oil in the quote. I should have told him where to go but the con is they know you need the MOT at that stage and its a load of hassle to cancel and go elsewhere at that point. I did query this and his attitude went further down hill (I later noticed several other customers experiencing the same problem some its clearly a con trick. Some may call it dishonest, others may say mis-selling or fraud). He then told me with a certain glee that my car was not booked for 08:30 but 09:20. Apparently 08:30 is just a ‘drop off time’. I also witnessed this same trick done on other customers calling in so again is how they secretly operate.
4. At approx 12:00 I got a call from the manager saying my car had failed the MOT. A complete shock to me bearing in mind its previous condition. He said it needed a wheel bearing and break disc & pads. Again feeling held to ransom I agreed to have the unexpected work carried out at the rip off price of £700.
5. At approx 13:15 I called into the branch and they were still working on my car. I sat and waited and witnessed the manager seeming to deliberately try to wind up other customers. With a background in customer service I was shocked at his behaviour: if you can’t treat customers with respect and act like a grown up what is he doing in the role. Some considerable hours after dropping off my car it was later completed. I paid the £700 in full and was given an invoice.
6. Later on 02/08/16 after I got home I noticed they has listed work being needed on a ‘broken breather pipe’ but they had not even bothered to mention it stopping me from quering it (THAT’S COS THEY BROKE IT) and stopping me from being able to get it repaired had it been a genuine issue (IT WASN’T HOWEVER: THEY BROKE IT).
7. I rang their contact centre and submitted a complaint.
8. Just 2 days later on 04/08/16 I took my car on its first significant journey since being in at Halfords. During the journey a large amount of smoke came from under the bonnet and toxic fumes into the car. There had been no problem with my car prior to Halfords getting their hands on it. I called out the RAC who said the problem was due to a broken breather pipe. How come this had NEVER happened BEFORE Halfords did the service?? How come Halfords slyly noted it on the paperwork but failed to mention it?? THE ONLY ANSWER IS THAT HALFORDS DAMAGED IT, DELIBERATELY OR OTHERWISE, WHILE CARRYING OUT THE SERVICE. (The RAC also noted some simple jobs that Halfords had failed to spot during the service – clearly some of their mechanics need to go back to college).
8. I submitted another email complaint to Halfords wrongly thinking they might give two hoots about a customer who pays their wages: wrong.
9. Today, 05/08/16, I chased this up with their call centre. You might think they would be apologetic for all the problems they has created but you would be wrong. They spoke to me like a bit of dirt, tried to fob me off with a brief email denying liability but without any explanation or answers to various other matters raised. They also lied and told me various people would call me back: I received not one returned call from the unprofessional and untrustworthy outfit. Called back again and got some rude & arrogant guy on the line who clearly doesn’t like pesky customers and may be in the wrong job therefore: that’s fine, I won’t return and would encourage anyone else to give the place a miss.

They may normally get away with dirty tricks but they won’t be doing so with me. I was left with a large rip off bill which I paid and I will now have to pay again to put right the damage they have caused and get my car fixed. Furthermore, their conduct has cost me a considerable amount of hours wasted time and will do so again in the coming days.

They should not be allowed to get away with behaving like they do. Evidently their policy is to play hardball with complainers in an attempt to win the war of attrition. This is now a matter for Trading Standards (various issues) and I will have to take County Court action to recover my own losses and costs. At the end of day basic business sense ought to tell them you only treat customers badly once and they will not return and will tell thousands of people about it. No customers, no business; it really is simple.


Complaint by
Mr B
August 5, 2016 @ 7:26 pm

Had a full service done in halfords gloucester. Clearly not down thoroughly as returned to me with brake light out, dirty engine oil etc. Then 3 days later engine has seized!!!
Havent a clue what I can do and how to prove this was down to them!!!! Any advice please………

Complaint by
August 9, 2016 @ 9:09 am

Halfords Gloucester tried to charge my partner for new injectors @£550. It only needed the seals doing cost £40 plus labour .

Complaint by
August 9, 2016 @ 9:10 am

What an absolute joke this firm is. Saw the advert for MOT for £27.42 and thought jackpot cheap deal so got booked in today at Blackpool Auto Centre.

The car passed which I was really happy with, then came a big BUT with the advisory info.

1) excessive movement in the front engine mounts. Condition RED Quoted £214.58

2)oil leak condition AMBER

3) rear shock absorbers corroded. Condition AMBER

They told me the bolts holding the engine mount had sheared off and before long the engine will drop and also the bushes were knackered, and this would be extemely costly if they weren’t fixed as this would lead to other problems.

I had the clutched repaired at my local garage a few weeks ago and paid over £700 and was told at that time that they had replace some bolts as they were old and corroded. So I thought I would take it back to the original garage whom I’ve been with for years and ask them to look thinking they had scammed me and Halfords were looking out for me and had spotted a fault. (How gullible was I)

I gave the mechanic the advisory and he took the car on the ramp. He got out his magic spanner and turned the bolt ( that Halfords told me wasn’t there) 3 times and hey presto FIXED. I was then told it seems like that said bolt had been loosened to make the engine move excessively ( when I got the car back from Halfords the engine did feel like it was moving around like it shouldn’t)

The oil leak to be fixed would cost me £20 and the shocks do eventually need replacing.

Lesson learned here, even tho the car passed its MOT it seems like they wanted another £250 for the privelige cheeky b@stards. I’ve notified my friends all over social media not to use these cowboys and seeing some of the comments made by people on here it’s seem I’m not the only one this company like to try and rip off.

Will never set foot in Halfords ever again even if it’s to buy a bicycle repair kit.

Complaint by
August 18, 2016 @ 4:56 pm

went to halfords winchester road southampton yesterday 1st sept 2016 to buy a fuel filter for my carwax told they dont stock them and got into an argument with an employee who ordered me out of the store i refused to leave and he then proceeded to get me into a head lock and threw me to the ground outside grazing and cutting my arm and my foot twisted asvi hit the ground now it hurts when i walk.i got jp and shouted at him in anger at which point he went to attack me and i pleaded with him not to hit me and he didnt.but i was really shaken up.anyway the police turned up and totally took his side saying i deserved it as i wax abusive to him.REALLY? that behaviour is acceptable because i was abusive.advice needed here plse.

Complaint by
Adem Cornish
September 2, 2016 @ 5:42 am

Went to a local garage that told me that my power steering fluid pipe was leaking on my focus. They were unable to repair the car for a week. Due to work I needed the car sorted ASAP. I contacted the Halfords autocenter in Sutton Coldfield and booked an appointment. Told the manager in the branch the issue and that I needed it resolved. Contacted within an hour and they told me the pipe was fine and that the cost to amend the fluid box was £120. In addition to a new rear tyre that was needed . I told them to do the work and collected the car. Problem first started when they gave me a key to another car. Once I had the correct key and sat in the car there was oil stains all over the dashboard and steering wheel. I set off to go home and the car started to make a large noise. I drove straight back and they looked at the car again and told me the problem was that the pipe was leaking. So they charged for work that was not needed and did not do the job I told them needed doing. From there handy work the pipe has leaked more fluid and has meant the car is sitting on my drive as steering wheel is locked. Resolution from Halfords was to give me a number of a mobile mechanic that had no connection with the company. Very annoyed they did not offer to resolve the issue and took my money and I let me drive home in a car that was not safe. Taking legal advice. Will never use them again. Wish I had read the posts.

Complaint by
Jas Toor
September 3, 2016 @ 5:51 pm

Damaged my car, refused liability, bafflingly Norwich manager wouldn’t give his surname and was rude and snarky as though the damage was somehow my fault! I complained to their MD, asked them to check cctv but got a feeble response from their customer service team simply repeating what the local manager said. They really couldn’t care less. No comment about any cctv records. So I escalated my complaint to the chairman because I was so annoyed and so far I’ve have had no response at all! All in all, awful attitude. Given some of the comments on line about a customer’s car being raced, known faults being missed and work being done unnecessarily, I could never trust them again. Shame on you, Halfords. A once good company that’s gone bad.

Complaint by
Mr X
October 18, 2016 @ 9:29 am

Halfords autocenre – been there today for tyre replacement (first car owner and stupid) – they asked me if i have the special locking nut tool. I said no, and been offered one for 85 pound. I took the offer (because i tought it’s something special) and later i found out when the delivery guy brought it, it was from euro car parts and was on sale for 29 pounds. F**k! Not the tyres was way more overpriced than in a kwik fit but this thing was almost 300% of it’s normal price. Feel very ripped off! Lesson learnt!

Complaint by
Mr. K
October 27, 2016 @ 7:25 pm

Took my car into Halfords in Standsted industrial estate on November9th, for mot it failed on the airbag light being permanently on and needed new sensor modules. I asked what the next step was, and they told me nothing, they said they were obsolete, I said do you mean I have to scrap a perfectly good car, and they said yes they couldn`t get the parts. I phoned the Renault garage and spoke with a customer services, and he said and I quote”thats a bit extreme” he said he would have a word with Halfords for me, and they miraculously came back, with they would have to order them!!!
Needless to say I am still waiting, it is now nearly 3 weeks. When I phone up to enquire any news, they are quite rude, and I am told, THEY WIILL CONCTACT ME WHEN THEY HEAR ANYTHING FROMTHEIR SUPPLIER, I will never go back to Halfords again, Every one I meet say why on earth did you take it to Halfords? They are useless.

Complaint by
maureen brown
November 22, 2016 @ 1:38 pm

I went to the new Halfords autocentre in Great Yarmouth for the first time to get my car MOT’d. They failed it on brakes and windscreen wipers and rear brake pipes. They said the front brakes were binding and i needed new discs and pads – I had never heard them or had a problem braking: the windscreen wipers were split and not clearing screen – they were perfect and the rear brakes pipes were corroded and needed replacing. I declined to take up their repair quote of over £660 !! and took it to a local garage where …… the car passed with the only advisory being the rear brakes pipes which he cleaned and oiled at no charge and said they were fine for another year. No mention of front brakes or wipers.Halfords you are rip-off merchants. I guess someone has to pay for the new building but it wont be me.

Complaint by
karen Howlett
December 22, 2016 @ 2:16 pm

My complaint is my daughter bought a tricycle for my grandson and the staff said they dont build toys. Is a tricycle not a bike therefore needed building. They said it was a toy.i was really annoyed and it is not fair.

yours sincerely

Miss M Fisher

Complaint by
Miss M Fisher
December 24, 2016 @ 11:15 am

Booked my car in for MOT at seven kings. Guess what? it failed because of number plate lights. But for me thats not the problem. I was told by halforfds that my battery was not holding charge. I explained that it started first time all the time, the manager explained to me that its a battery and could become faulty anytime. They checked my battery and the diagnosis came back at 12volts. He then tried to explain that the battery can show 12volts but not hold charge. As i walked out with my new MOT refusing to part with anymore money the manager made a point to tell me that he had the battery in stock. The irony of it is one of my tail lights was out but he refused to change it for me as it was to complicated to change. This is not the first time this type of thing has happened. They always find something else that needs repairing. Not happy and will take my car to a different garage to see what has happened.

Complaint by
December 28, 2016 @ 11:54 am

Unfortunately due to tire blow out my only option was to go to my local halfords autocentre in Arnold Nottingham due to them having my tyres in stock.
I also thought while I’m there I’ll book myself a full service ,my car was about ready for one.
So I drop my car off and within an hour of them having my car,I received a phone call of the receptionist,he stated that the report on the car came back as needing 3 new tyres,both front disk and pads doing and the battery had failed the drop test so they advised me I’d need a new one..

1.the receptionist stated on the phone if I were to have an MOT the brakes would fail it…he said it was £260.99 for the work to be done…I said I’d take it to my trusted local garage to sort them out…no problem he said

2. Now the battery..I’ve heard lots of people say this is all a con.I nearly chocked when he said it was £90 to replace…again I declined.

3. I knew my tyres were on the way out so I got them fitted at a reasonable rates..

OK if your still with me.

I booked into have my pads and disks changed at the guy I always go to, he rings me back asking me why I want to change my brakes,as they are only half worn!!
I told him halfords said my car would fail an Mot because of them, he said its a load of rubbish.

Didn’t ask him about the battery but I’m not concerned as 1. My car starts without a problem and 2. All my electrics work fine.

Please beware of halfords or you might be in for a surprise

I’ve made a complaint,waiting on the response.

Complaint by
January 27, 2017 @ 6:41 pm

took my vehicle in for an MOT they failed it with 3 faults and it would be extremely costly to repair … was very suspicious so took it to an independent garage who went through it with a fine tooth comb … needless to say it didn’t have the 3 faults they said it had … this is illegal … they need stripping of their MOT status …

Complaint by
February 27, 2017 @ 10:14 pm

Booked my mini cooper for service online to Halfords in Brighton. Paid online £195. Toke car there on 7/03. By 12:00 had a phone call from them saying that the cars needed also new front brake discs and pads and also a new caliper. Asked how much it was and they said £392.99. As I need the car everyday I said yes. When I got there it I had to wait about 45 min to be served. The than presented me a final bill of £990.00!
They said £392.99 + VAT was just the price of the caliper (online I found several suppliers of calipers with prices of £79.99, £87.96, £54.34 and £53.98) they charged me £470.00 for it! Also on the final bill thecwere charging me again for the £195,00 paid online. I had to ask them to take it in consideration. I than realized that they deducted it from the final bill but have charged me VAT again on the top of the £195.00 (overcharged on extra £39.00). When I drove the cat bach home I realized that the ABS system is not working and the brake is going deeper and deeper, and almost crash in the back of the car in front of me.
I have to take the car back there as they said there still missing a hose that haven’t arrived yet. Also asked them to check a ratteling coming from the front passenger side while driving. They said they couldn’t hear any ratteling noise, but as soon as I started driving the ratteling noise was still there.
Absolutely disgusting customers sevice.

Complaint by
John L.
March 11, 2017 @ 11:00 pm

I took my car for its MOT and when I went back to collect it they said they couldn’t do it because the bonnet release was broken and they couldn’t open the bonnet. NOT TRUE.
I had opened the bonnet myself a few days previously and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the bonnet release. The release had been snapped and broken whilst in the garage.
I complained to customer service who told me to send them the bill for repairs, which I did.
They offered me half of the £90 it cost to repair it and I said this wasn’t fair and asked for full remuneration. They then e mailed back and said they had spoken to the garage who said the release was already broken when they tried to open it and that they would now not pay anything at all for the repairs. This is disgusting service and more than unacceptable.

Complaint by
March 16, 2017 @ 2:20 pm

My daughter took her car to halfords for mot. It failed on a few things but they wanted £350! She took it away had a mechanic friend fix it for less than £40 parts!!
She took it back to halfords swansea for retest it failed again!…BUT on something different that was not on first mot as a failure or an advisory. She went to another garage for repair took it back to halfords (again) and it passed. Great she thought brand new mot car is good to go. She went to drive home did not get far and flat tyre!!
Took it too tyre place who tells her someone has slashed your tyre! I spoke to manager at halfords who did not apologise basically thought they did no wrong. Do not use ever total rip offs and shit customer service!

Complaint by
March 22, 2017 @ 10:58 pm

Halfords Norwich told me the front discs would soon need replacing. I’d had them replaced a year ago so was worried I had been ripped off by the original garage, so I got a second opinion at another garage who said they were practically new. Turns out Halfords are the rip off merchants!

Complaint by
April 10, 2017 @ 11:27 am

Had my Volvo in for a new set of tyres. In short they fitted three, the security bolt is now damaged so I need to get the damaged wheel bolt removed. Halfords have very rudely abrogated their responsibility to organise this!!! In addition the mechanics listened to my radio for three hours (Ignition on) and left the Headlights on full, flattening the battery and then had the cheek to ask me where the battery was for a jumpstart!

Not a happy bunny! I have been a loyal customer for over 50 years, but no more!!

Disgusted of the Isle of Wight!! (Newport branch)

Complaint by
Mike Drinkwater
June 11, 2017 @ 12:13 pm

It’s a long story but ill try in a short way…

I went for my first MOT, which failed cuz of rear bearing ( one) to fix it coast 355£ with MOT (35£). My MOT was expired I had no choice than to fix it. After I spoke with a specialist, I realized that I have been “robbed”. I could do in any other garage for 80£-100£. I did not have any detailed info of what I paid for.. as they said in a garage.. they are not allowed to provide it! So I emailed to customer service to see if everything is OK. I got reply from Kate, that —-“I have investigated your concerns and have found that either a clerical error has taken place or a system error has incurred. We have currently moved onto a new system which provides prices and quotation and it appears on this instance that you were charged for 2 wheel bearings instead of 1. Please be assured I have passed your concerns to the Regional Manager to ensure the Autocentre are using this system correctly and passed your concerns to the relevant department to review the new system”—- I spoke to guys in garage they said they been working for very long time there, and they always have been using the same system. Of course when Kate said that she can send a refund and if it’s not going to be in 5 working day’s I need to let her know. Straight away I was 95% sure that it will not be in 5 working day’s . of course I write email again witch said —- ” I have spoken with our Finance Team who has informed me that there were some issues processing the BACS payments last week. They have informed me the funds should be in your account either tomorrow or Friday.” GUYS WHY WE HAVE TO PAY FOR SO PURE SERVICE? It’s a brand shop…. all I can advise is not to go to Halfords. (less headake)

Complaint by
Salvis Zirdzins
June 16, 2017 @ 8:16 pm

Apalling lack of serviceBeen going there 3 years plus. Went in with noisy front tyres ( a assume thats what it was) they changed the 2 front tyres and track rod mounts …now the noise from the front is so loud i cant hear myself shout!!
They wont help. They wont look at the car to see whats wrong. They expect me to buy more tyres while they send their tyres back to makers to see if faulty. Absolute rubbish service. They have had a lot of money off me over 3 years and dont give a monkeys. Their attitude is terrible. .

Complaint by
Rob R
June 19, 2017 @ 2:40 pm

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halfords paint sealant
June 23, 2017 @ 11:25 am

after driving 300 miles to devon i booked in the hotel and parked my car not needing it for the next two days when i went to start the car on the third morning the battery was flat .being only 18 month old i didnt think it could be the battery however the chargeing rate of the car was checked and found to be correct `and that the battery woukdnt hold its charge .a new battery was fitted and i returned the battery back to chrystal peaks halfords and explained the problem to cut a long story short i was told the battery only needed chargeing and was ok several phone calls to customer service was a waste of time being told to get the battery charged for 24 hours and a written report from a garage to say if the battery was ok or not if i did all this the customer service would consider my problem again .i was also told they only do a complete check on batteries if they are less than 6 months old ,i didnt quiet understand this bit ,the outcome of this story is that halfords will not honour the warranty of a three year warranty battery .i have read many reviews of how halfords treat their customers but didnt really believe it until now

Complaint by
w senior
October 30, 2017 @ 5:19 pm

They are called “HalFrauds” for good reason.

I Paid Halfords Autocentre in Folkestone, Kent £700 for a full service & cam belt change but they could/would
not give me a detailed check-list of what was done. They said “we don’t do em no more”. Rang head office
who seemed sympathetic, but that was weeks ago and outcome nill. How can I know what needs doing, or how safe the car is ? So now I must get a proper garage to do it properly.

What a bunch of sloppy, incompetent , corner cutting scammers.

Complaint by
Mike Dawson
December 19, 2017 @ 6:23 pm

Took my van for MOT was told it needed new calipers which they did, but as I was leaving to pick it up they rang me to say they had moved it and the cam belt had broken which resulted in the engine seizing and the van was a write off. May i point out they had previously serviced the van and not mentioned the cam belt. Now they want me to spend almost £2000 on a new engine which they will fit free of charge. I am a pensioner I cant spend that sort of money on it, it owes me £2500, I have asked for the money it will cost them to fit the engine which they say is £1200 to resolve this but they wont do this.
I drove my van in the garage I just want to drive it out again

Complaint by
J. Garrett
February 6, 2018 @ 9:14 am

I took my vw to Halfords to check on my breaks as my car was shattering when breaking. They said breaks are all fine (having breaks4life with them) so they can try a few other bits which may help. Wheels balancing, changing vc boot etc… after several hours I’ve received a call where is my locking wheel nut key? And I’ve told them, that the last person touching my car and taking off wheels was them less than a year ago, noone else. But he kept saying without that we cant take your wheels off and do things. So I’ve repeated your garage was the only one who used it, does it mean your mechanic didn’t return it into my car? But he kept repeating they can’t do the job… When I came to pick up my car (in same bad condition as it was, as they’ve lost/taken my locking nut key, they simply gave me phone number to their customer services that he cant do anything, he doesn’t know who did the job last time….I need to have my car repaired, have sent them a complaint already…of course NO REPLY! I’ve called VW garage asking for a new locking key and they’ve told me the only way is to change all of them for a new set, which will cost me £130!!! Will Halfords pay for this? Never again going to them! Another query is, how can they do a proper break check without taking any wheels off!! Rubbish service!

Complaint by
February 7, 2018 @ 9:43 pm

Halfords staff guaranteed they were the people to repair and track down a front fork for my bike. A year on staff had taken it home supposedly to fix it then rode it to a meet point and only after demanding money that hadn’t been agreed on advised that the bike was too dangerous to ride! Halfords poor customer services now claim bike was always irreparable whereas Recycles disagree! Start BOYCOTT NOW!

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e marcos
April 23, 2018 @ 11:51 am

I took my bike to Halfords for a service check and soon as took the bike out of Halfords they lift my seat up high so I couldn’t touch the pedals so fell on pavement and it left me with some bruises so I would never recommend take there for service checking.

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Jacob Barnett
July 2, 2018 @ 7:12 pm

split Pipes

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sprayed concrete pools
August 17, 2018 @ 9:42 pm

On 13th November, 2017, I brought my son new bicycle to your shop at Old Kent Road SE1 5BA to be assembled.
I was charged £30 for the job to be done and I was also advised to take up Bike Care Plan for a year that cost £25. I paid £55 in total.
My son have not enjoyed riding this bicycle since it was assembled, the bicycle handle always made him to have bruises on his leg. When he rode the bicycle his leg kept touching the handle and that led to bruise on his leg. Due to the fear of getting injured, he stopped using the bicycle.
I took the bicycle to Hailfords where it was assembled only to be told that it was assembled wrongly and that the staff that carried out this poor work had left the company. I was also told that I did not have Bike Care Plan, so I could not be helped.
I was fortunate today to find my eReceipt, I think I am entitled to have this bicycle assembled with reasonable care and skill.especially when is a child bicycle. My son had been denied from using this bicycle due to poor workmanship and you have put his life in danger when he was riding the poorly assembled bicycle
I would like you to repair this bicycle within a week and refund the money that I paid for the assembling and Care Plan. I can not have a Bike Care Plan for the bicycle wrongly assembled by member of your staff. I will also want you to pay compesation for denial him the use of the bicycle and the injury it sustained when he was riding it.
Please respond to my complaint in the next 14 days. If you fail to respond in this time, I will have no option but to consider taking the matter further.

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Taiwo Fajemilua
August 24, 2018 @ 2:46 pm

Daughter’s vehicle tested by Halfords Autocentre, Crawley. It failed on emissions. I immediately asked Webber Motor Company Spindle Way, Crawley to do an independant emissions check for my daughter, which they did immediately and without charge. They found the oil temperature had not been checked which is important to obtain a true emissions reading. Having warmed the engine up the vehicle passed emissions easily. Halfords had to issue a ‘pass’ the next day.

Halfords either negligent, incompetant or deliberate to create work. No apology, no return of MOT fee for inconvenience and total disinterest. Don’t use Halfrauds, use Webber Motor Company who are a very genuine Company who respect their clientele.

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November 16, 2018 @ 12:07 pm

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perdite di impianto
June 12, 2019 @ 2:20 pm

My daughter booked her car in for an MOT in Halfords Stafford. She got there and was told sorry can’t do it today as we don’t have the staff in to do it, bring it back tomorrow and we MIGHT be able to fit it in!
She dropped the car in at 3pm and it was ready for collection at 5pm. Passed with no advisories…great!!!
My daughter drove the 1.5 miles home and parked on my drive. Two hours later she went out in the car with myself and her friend, before getting into the car I told her I could smell fuel really strongly. We drove maybe 500 yards down the road and all had to get out of the car as the fumes were so bad. Her friend looked under the car and there was fuel leaking from the fuel tank. She had to drive it back to the house and the following day a recovery truck took it away to an independent garage. The seats were drenched in fuel and the boot was flooded. The fuel tank had split so badly that the mechanic told my daughter it would have needed either a hammer to cause that much damage or it had fallen from the ramps during the MOT. The repairs cost £400 plus £80 for valeting. HALFORDS OF STAFFORD….AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!!!!!

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October 14, 2019 @ 10:15 pm

I have nissan xtrail.I had my MOT & Full Service in Chichester Branch. I had issue “system fault” i went to halford i told them the issue to find out…they changed the battery charged for £280.I start to run after few minutes same thing showming “system fault”
i went back & showed them,they said they want to check DFP.it cost £85.00 also will get appointment 5 days later.i suppose to go to london for business purpose,i asked is it okay to drive to london he said yes.but i felt its not speed enough,its automatically pull down the speed.i taken rental car.10th March I left my car in halfords,after noon they called me they advised me to change DFP part,it cost £5,000/- it takes 10 hours work.

its stress me lot.i was in damn depression.I asked them to stop the work.i called my insurance ,finance,dealers….basically they cant help.personally i thought something wrong .


1- the staff( John) in halford.he was impolite.the way he explained not in a manners.
2- i had MOT & Full Service in same place very recently ,why they could not find out.
3- if they don’t their job,why simply wants to change the part.why cant they keep quality & knowledge ,experience enginer in halford.


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March 24, 2020 @ 1:11 pm

Went for a derailear set for my grandsons old carrera kraken took the old damaged one to show. I was sold an unsuitable unit which I found out with the bike stripped down in my garage. I returned it and got a refund and ordered another which should have been correct. When that arrived that was similarly unsuitable which I didn’t take. To sum up, three visits to Huddersfield and consultation with the expert ended with having to search on line for the part. Surely the expert could have advised me during my first visit. Yours frustrated & disapointed Brian

Complaint by
Brian Warwick
June 23, 2020 @ 5:41 pm

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