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The wife & me came to do our weekly shop at your Ipswich branch this morning . We decided to get some petrol on the way in only to find your petrol has become one of tyhe most expensive locally . Then we tried to find a parking space . Over half the car park has been fenced of and we had to park a long way from the entrance . A problem as we are both elderly . We get instore & find the fresh fish dept. has been moved & is so small its not worth bothering with .After shopping we decided to stop for a snack & drink – big mistake . The cafe is in the process of being ” updated ” . There were no coffee machines & a lot of seats had been removed . We were told the store is being updated & should be done by October but several staff told us the work is already running behind time & will be lucky to be finished by Christmas .I would have complained to the manager but I know he does not like people complaing & just brushes them of . My wife & me will be using one of the other supermarkets close by for the forseable future .

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Complaint by
Michael Cathles
July 9, 2019 @ 12:18 pm

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